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POW interrogation Psychology


Author: Syropyatov Oleg G.
The Geneva Convention 1949 , prohibits "methods of physical and psychological impact", and in particular, any pressure, for, to get information from a prisoner. At the same time, analysis of local modern wars testifies, that interrogations of prisoners of war are present psychological sophistication, addiction and unjustified cruelty. Results captivity troops leads to severe personality disorders, mental and physical health. Using advances in the diagnosis of non-verbal behavior, set out in the manual, It allows the military intelligence in the framework of compliance with international standards to interrogate a prisoner of war and to get reliable information. The manual presents the medical and psychological consequences of the military stay in captivity and their rehabilitation. The manual is designed to military investigators, psychologists and medical officers.


Link to the book: Syiropyatov_Psihologiya_doprosa_voennoplennyih