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METHODS increased susceptibility of the sense organs

METHODS increased susceptibility of the sense organs: The use of natural factors

«…I do not smoke, drinks alcohol when necessary; physiological contacts only with women needed to complete the task ". (From the search orientation.)
AT. Bogomolov. "In August forty-fourth"

Despite trained hearing, vision, smell, field intelligence and counterintelligence whenever possible, conducting operational searches in natural conditions or being in ambush, be sure to use additional techniques to activate the nervous system, sharpening perception.

known, that sugar and glucose are energy substances, necessary for the work of the heart, brain and nervous system in general, and consequently, and senses, which are essentially brain fragments, acting as sensitive sensors.

Sugar lump, under the tongue (do not swallow immediately!), noticeably improves the effectiveness of night vision, hearing and smelling acuity. For this reason, special services and tactical wartime intelligence officers tried to do without sugar in their daily life., getting used to working only on increased training of the senses. Perception systems, trained to work with full dedication "on a starvation diet", at crucial moments received a powerful energy boost from the intake of sugar or glucose, which dramatically increased the efficiency of their work.

Night vision acuity, hearing, sense of smell and flair generally increases the chewing of sweet and sour tablets. Sour taste acts as an irritant, "Exciting" the nervous system and activating it, sweet as energy material.

Caffeine and cola nut preparations temporarily increase visual acuity - night vision, hearing, intuition and combat extrasensory perception are exacerbated by 25-30%; this effect reaches its greatest peak 30-60 minutes after taking the drug and lasts one and a half to two hours.

Colossal, but the barbaric effect is achieved by taking tablets of ordinary medical ephedrine. At the same time, all the senses are sharpened and working capacity incredibly increases..

Unfortunately, this happens due to the mobilization of the internal reserves of the body, as a result of which, at the end of the drug's action, nervous exhaustion and complete breakdown occur. In addition, ephedrine is addictive..

From simple and affordable means in practice, chewing a pinch of tea with a pinch of sugar is used (but do not immediately swallow!). cysteine, in tea, has a tonic effect, sugar as an energy material.

This method causes a significant increase in the sensitivity of vision at night and reduces the adaptation time in the dark from 30-40 to 5-7 minutes. When chewing sweet tea, a person's energy potential increases dramatically compared to his usual state.. The same effect is achieved by the simplest procedural technique - rubbing the forehead, whiskey, neck and nape with cold water.

The supply of oxygen to the brain - deep breathing affects the acuity of night vision (full inhalation and exhalation) 10- 12 times per minute significantly increases its efficiency.

A sharp additional flow of oxygen activates blood circulation and stimulates the neurophysiological tone of a person.

Night vision is sharper when sitting. Why it happens, No one knows, but this method is effective and proven.

Hearing works with full dedication, when a person is in a calm state. Excitement, fear, rage instantly and noticeably reduces hearing acuity. The direction of the target by hearing lying on the stomach is determined much more accurately, than lying on your back.

REMEMBER : focused attention increases the sensitivity of night vision and hearing by one and a half to two times! The success of this postulate is entirely up to you..

people, trainees according to the methods given in this manual, the range of vision at night reflexively shifts to the infrared side of the spectrum and the internal night hearing is sharpened.

Human hearing aid, which structurally resembles an electron waveguide, begins to perceive radiation of different frequencies from the environment. The manifestation and mobilization of internal reserves is facilitated by an increased level of a person's own nervous energy.

Therefore, in the harsh conditions of a real war, intelligence officers and counterintelligence officers, unlike other types of troops, tried not to engage unnecessarily in sexual contacts, to preserve energy potential. For the operative SMERSH, a battle in the war was every day he lived. Besides, an increased level of nervous energy greatly increases the effectiveness of shooting, especially from a pistol!

In order not to disrupt the adaptation of the eyes in the dark when working with operational documents (card, etc.. d.), you need to close the sharpest "leading" eye and, leaving another open, use a red light! In order to avoid detection from the outside, all this must be done with something behind.

You should not stare into the darkness for a long time, so as not to tire the eyes. It is recommended to periodically close your eyes for 5-10 seconds. This short rest will help you get rid of fatigue..

When working in ambush and in a night search, nothing affects the results so badly., how suspicious. Suspiciousness breeds bias and misdirects.

REMEMBER: in operational search activities, leave suspicion and sharpen attention as much as possible! (Now the servicemen are doing exactly the opposite.) The unknown, surrounding you, can "explode" instantly and from an unexpected direction for you. Sharpen your attention and only attention!

Never look at a fire or other bright light sources at night.. At the same time, night vision is sharply dulled., and it takes time to recover. And if you really need to watch the events in the campfire area, this is done through the holes in any large button.

The same method is used when it is necessary to look against the sun and in winter., for viewing objects against the backdrop of illuminated shiny snow. In addition, the holes in the button act like the lenses of glasses., making the image clearer.

There is a need to pass by a secret post or to avoid an enemy ambush. In front-line conditions, for this, one of the group distractsly shoots a white fire star from a rocket launcher towards the secret post (immediately closing your eyes or looking to the side after firing, so as not to go blind yourself), provoking enemy barrage.

Taking advantage of this, the main group "slips" and from a convenient position, in turn, opens fire on the temporarily blinded enemy who discovered themselves.

This allows the distracting fighter to "slip through".

If necessary, enter from a lighted place into a dark, need to do it, 20-30 seconds before closing one eye. In the dark to work with this open eye, already adapted to the twilight. When leaving a dark place to a lighted one, do the same. If you need to work near a fire, it is better to do this with one covered (in any way) by the eye.

Working in the forest, it is useful to learn to distinguish between natural and artificial noises. Note, that knowledgeable and trained people move through the forest in the wind, especially with his impulses, that hide the noise of steps, swaying long swaying branches conceal the movements of a man in camouflage, running across in small sharp jerks in time with the vibrations of the branches.

REMEMBER the forest feature: the forest calms, weakens control of attention and lulls alertness!

In the forest, you should not focus on trees and shrubs, near. You need to look beyond that, what surrounds a person, through gaps in the trees, thicket, leaves. Otherwise, you miss the real danger.

Good audibility in the forest, but sound often echoes, what creates a false idea of ​​the directivity and the number of sound sources. Known common technique - two palms, horn attached to the leading ear, greatly improve sound recognition and direction.
In the fog, at high humidity and after rain, in winter, on a calm night the sound travels better and further. But in the fog the direction of sound is distorted.

To improve the perception of sound, you can use the following auxiliary techniques:

• place a bottle with a broken bottom, as a mouthpiece, neck to ear;

• stick a small soldier's shoulder blade shallowly into the ground and listen, holding an ear to the handle;

• put on the ground, out of the blue, dry board and listen, putting your ear to it;

• empty bottle or soldier's flask, half filled with water, bury halfway in the ground and listen, holding your ear to the neck. If there is a rubber tube, insert it at one end into the tightly drilled stopper of the vessel, others - in the ear; you can pour water on the vessel or bury it halfway into a puddle - it will be much more effective;

• dig a neat hole in size 30 x 30 cm, tighten on top with a raincoat (better rubberized), strengthen from the sides (add) ground, put your ear to the resulting membrane and listen. Instead of fabric, you can use plywood or sheathing with broken aircraft.

All of the above methods are used in ambushes with a very high degree of effectiveness.. The footsteps of the enemy and the movement of any vehicle are heard clearly and at great distances.

There are also psychophysiological auxiliary techniques, activating mechanisms, enhancing perception:

• when working with the sense of smell, focus on the bridge of the nose and feel the bridge of the nose when inhaling deeply through the nose; brightly represent the color blue;

• when working with touch, focus on the umbilical cord, feel this place physically; imagine indigo color;

• when working with hearing, feel the larynx, a heart; present green brightly;

• with night vision, feel the stomach, pads of fingers and toes; imagine red;

• when working in conditions of non-obviousness of the skin-muscle-orientation instinct, feel the inner lower part of the occiput; brightly present orange color.

The above auxiliary techniques are individual, they work quite effectively, but, Unfortunately, not everyone. Everything must be tested in practice - perhaps, you will do it very well.

A. Potapov: Pistol shooting techniques. SMERSH practice

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