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Konstantin Lazarev New! Large-caliber machine gun 12,7 mm SHAK 12
Konstantin Lazarev AEK-971 – SWAT assault rifle!!! Balanced Automation – unique weapon development!
Konstantin Lazarev burst shooting, questions and answers about ShAK-12 large-caliber assault 12,7 mm automatic
Konstantin Lazarev #LIVE! Shooting from the modernized Kalashnikov machine gun - #PKM!
Konstantin Lazarev ONCE! 12,7 mm large caliber sniper machine gun! No rescue from this super cannon in modern warfare!
Konstantin Lazarev Shooting from a machine gun in a rack – 2! Fire bursts from PKM with hands! Special forces testing HOLOSUN sights!
Konstantin Lazarev Shooting from a machine gun in a rack. Brutal commando with bazooka hands!
Konstantin Lazarev New weapons of the Kalashnikov Concern at ARMY-2017. Great review!
Konstantin Lazarev RPK - Kalashnikov Light Machine Gun. Overview. War veteran. Arnold Schwarzenegger machine gun in Commando
Konstantin Lazarev The most formidable force on the battlefield! Special forces machine gunners 2. Bazooka Hands - RESTING! Lots of Shooting!
Konstantin Lazarev Special forces machine gunners! Shooting from PKM from all positions! LAZAREV TACTICAL
Konstantin Lazarev RPL-20 - a new light machine gun of belt caliber 5,45! Kalashnikov machine gun vs M249 Minimi?
Konstantin Lazarev Special grenade launcher RGS-50!!! hell pipe 50 caliber! Universal weapon - an overview of all grenades
Konstantin Lazarev 6C1 Canary and Silence - special silent grenade launcher systems of the KGB and GRU Spetsnaz
Konstantin Lazarev AGS-17 FLAME - automatic grenade launcher! The most powerful weapon of support and offensive caliber 30 mm!
Konstantin Lazarev Shmel flamethrower and Bur grenade launcher. Reactive infantry flamethrower and small-sized grenade launcher system
Konstantin Lazarev Spy weapons. Unique completely silent pistol VP9 from B&T Brugger & Thomet.
Konstantin Lazarev Special silent machine VAL! Big Review!Shooting at armor, for accuracy, disassembly of the machine
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