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Konstantin Lazarev Snipersky Kalash – 1. Ergonomics and stability. From a Kalashnikov assault rifle to a Marksman weapon
Konstantin Lazarev How to raise a child to be a champion and prepare for the army. Affordable shooting sport. League Strong
Konstantin Lazarev Marksman's weapon. Infantry sniper - plowman of modern warfare. rifles – SVD, Microwave, K-15, MC-566
Konstantin Lazarev Civil AKSU and PPK-20, MPLT trauma, SV-21 rifle – new items of the Kalashnikov Concern for the Army 2022
Konstantin Lazarev I ate the bear - I liked it! Elite dry ration Taste of taiga. Meat wild animal bear, elk, beaver
Konstantin Lazarev I shot everyone from Saiga-9! Cup of Military Correspondents from the Kalashnikov Concern as part of the Army Forum 2022
Konstantin Lazarev OTs-38 Vorchun - silent revolver - live shooting in 4K. Stechkin's last weapon
Konstantin Lazarev MPL and PLC – Lebedev's pistol 2021 year. The new weapon of the National Guard is modular and compact
Konstantin Lazarev EXPERIMENTAL WEAPONS OF THE USSR. Automatic AG-039 and Sniper Rifle AG-036. Unknown developments

Combined arms body armor or plate carrier. WHAT TO CHOOSE?

Konstantin Lazarev Pistol Yarygin PYa - the opinion of a special forces officer. pros, minuses, assembly, weapon disassembly
Konstantin Lazarev Shooting on the move. How to move in combat. Shows instructor TsSP Vityaz.
Konstantin Lazarev INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill
Konstantin Lazarev Interview with S.I. Lysyuk. Youth, weapon practice, boxing, pyrotechnics, start of service in the Special Forces
Konstantin Lazarev Knife RAMBO and COMMANDO! Crocodile Dundee, Predator, driven. Knives from the famous action movies of the 90s
Konstantin Lazarev All about the silent pistol PB - 6P9 for 1 minute. Weapons of Spetsnaz GRU and KGB of the USSR #Shorts
Konstantin Lazarev Dismantling the gun PB - 6P9. What is inside the silent weapons of the GRU Spetsnaz and the KGB of the USSR?
Konstantin Lazarev First Stream!
Konstantin Lazarev ADS - automatic two-medium special. Weapons of an underwater saboteur and combat swimmer
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