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Vectorkel A little bit “black” humor .
Vectorkel Well, friends, we continue to create our calendar with you. Today we will choose a photo for the month of April. This was the last shoot, after a couple of days the world changed and began to include restrictions due to covid… Go! As always, choose a photo and write in the comments or .
Vectorkel My friends, continue to choose a photo for our calendar! This time we choose a photo for the month of March. March was one of the grandest business trips of my life(actually, when working with the Russian University of Special Forces Itcsf does not happen)-this is a five-day snowmobile march around Lake Baikal! It was very cool, Baikal remained in my heart for life, I think, that you need to choose a photo from this trip! Well, well, go! As always, choose a photo and write in the comments or .
Vectorkel Another bomb shot, new
Vectorkel The power and strength of the domestic artillery! The holiday is in full swing! Especially for you, my friends, Movie camera guru created this video! Enjoy the power of the Russian Artillery! We have a lot to be proud of. Three Hurray and of course Three hundred… Thirty… Triiiii. Go!
Vectorkel Well friends, the time has come
Vectorkel Very sad news….Said many times,
Vectorkel When you don't know what to post
Vectorkel Another week of new life is coming
Vectorkel Congratulations, companions!
Vectorkel Good morning, let's start the week with this photo. Once we were from the Guru-movie camera @komanem in one wonderful Caucasian republic, where we are one wonderful company, which produces equipment for specialists, asked to film their products. It turned out great, if they give the go-ahead, then I can post a whole photo reportage from these shootings and show another masterpiece from maestro @komanem.
Vectorkel We continue! Preparing for the shooting!
Vectorkel Have a nice friday night! The week was
Vectorkel Well… then we will post everything
Vectorkel And here is the view from the camera guru @komanem
Vectorkel We did a great job yesterday with St. Petersburg
Vectorkel The main thing in our business –
Vectorkel Tomorrow I'll post photos from the exercise “Hostages”. A very difficult and very important exercise, because it is also based on real special operations, which went down in history, Alexander Razvedosaaa will tell you about all this in more detail , a bit crazy about his work in competitions, it seemed, that a little more and he himself will go through each exercise, I was very pleasantly surprised. Man busy with business, not stories about, what a cool and demanded specialist he is and a champion in all disciplines. Let the force be with you, Alexander!
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