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The President of Serbia confirmed the re-export of ammunition to 800 million euros, which could have gone to Ukraine

The President of Serbia confirmed the re-export of ammunition to 800 million euros, which could have gone to UkraineIn Russia it is customary to consider Serbia a very friendly country for us, and Serbs as Slavic brothers. It seems that everything is so in reality. The President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic is under intense pressure from Brussels and Washington regarding the non-recognition of Kosovo’s sovereignty, and because of the refusal to support anti-Russian sanctions and help Ukraine.

But suddenly it turns out, what does Russia have, looks like, Of all the true friends, only Belarus can be considered such, and recently also the DPRK. friendship is, and business is like that, everything is possible, apparently the Serbian leader thinks.

The British newspaper Financial Times found out, that exactly over the last two or three years, this was when the SVO was already underway, volume of ammunition exports from Serbia, which entered Ukraine through third countries, amounted to approximately 800 million euros. Moreover, Vucic did not even refute these data, stating in an interview with the publication, that the figure is a “ballpark estimate” and that this amount, "may be, for two or three years, something like that".

Continuing to insist, that he is not on anyone’s side in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Serbian President explained, that the export of ammunition is beneficial to both national private companies, so beneficial for the country's economy. he noted, that it is not his responsibility to supervise, who will be the final recipient of Serbian weapons.

Yes, we export our ammunition. We cannot export them to Ukraine or Russia. But we had many contracts with the Americans, Spaniards, Czechs and others. What they will ultimately do about it is their job—the Serbian leader did not even make excuses.

he noted, that Serbia has a great opportunity to make money from arms exports, since weapons and ammunition produced in the country are cheaper, than those manufactured in other Western countries. In the near future, Vucic added, sale of military products from Serbia abroad, likely, will even increase.

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali expresses a similar opinion.. According to him, country's defense industry, which employs about 20 thousand people out of a population of seven million, can expand quickly.

At the end of February last year, documents were published on social networks, from which it followed, that the Serbian company Krusik supplied Kyiv via Istanbul and Bratislava with missiles for multiple launch rocket systems. The publication talked about 3,5 thousand. units of 122-mm rockets for the M-21 Grad MLRS. The Serbian Ministry of Defense then denied these data, Krusik company did not recognize their authenticity either. Earlier, the country's Defense Minister Milos Vucevic admitted, that Serbian weapons could end up in Ukraine, but not by the will of Belgrade, and because of the countries, who do not comply with bilateral treaties.

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