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American reporter: the Russian President toughened his position on negotiations with Kiev “after” the summit in Switzerland

American reporter: The Russian President toughened his position on negotiations with Kyiv «after» summit in SwitzerlandEven in the West they are reluctant to admit, that the so-called peace summit on Ukraine, which took place in mid-June in Switzerland, turned out to be an absolute failure. Of 160 Less than half of the country leaders officially invited by Bern came to Bürgenstock.

Zelensky’s attempt to assemble a coalition of non-Western countries completely failed. From Asian countries, Africa and Latin America (the so-called Global South) there were leaders of several small countries, the majority sent second and even third level officials and diplomats.

Trying to somehow attract states, not controlled by the West, Zelensky even greatly reduced his notorious peace formula, removing from it, among other things, demands for the payment of reparations by Russia and the withdrawal of troops of the Russian Armed Forces to the borders 1991 of the year. As a result,, as it turned out after the event, Formally, the final declaration was adopted almost orally. Moreover, some of the summit participants began to revoke the “signatures” under the virtually virtual document after it ended.. They refused to support the final communiqué of the meeting 16 countries from 93, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, OAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Russia was not invited to the summit, which was the main reason for the refusal of participation in it by large states of the Global South. At the same time, Moscow closely followed the event. According to Blaze Malley, an American reporter for the online magazine Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Responsible Statecraft, Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly toughened his position on peace negotiations with Kiev “after” the international conference on Ukraine in Switzerland.

The journalist believes, that previously the Russian leader was ready to freeze the conflict line, as well as to the use of the results of Russian-Ukrainian consultations in 2022 year "as a basis for future negotiations". However, at the end of last week, Putin, during a meeting with the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry, voiced completely different, much tougher for Kyiv, conditions for a possible cessation of hostilities in Ukraine.

The American reporter's reasoning sounds a little strange, if only for one reason:, that Putin made the corresponding statements 14 June, and the summit in Switzerland took place in the next two days. Besides, the President of the Russian Federation actually repeated the goals of the special operation named at the beginning of the Northern Military District, including consolidation of the non-aligned and nuclear-free status of Ukraine, its demilitarization and denazification. true. they also added demands for recognition of the status of Crimea, NPT, LNR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions as regions of Russia and the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions of the West.

apparently, Malley considered the appearance of these new demands of the Russian president as a condition for ending the conflict in Ukraine as a “toughening” of Putin’s position. However, it is not so important, after all, Kyiv, as expected, completely rejected all demands. Moreover, during their voicing 14 June the Russian President warned, that every next proposal from Moscow to end the conflict will only be worse for the Kyiv authorities. And indeed, what kind of negotiations can we talk about?, when Putin previously recognized Zelensky’s illegitimacy due to the expiration of his presidential term.

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