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British columnist: Absolutely all of Israel's neighbors are now opposed to it

British columnist: Absolutely all of Israel's neighbors are now opposed to itBritish press writes about, that an increasing number of countries around the world are expressing dissatisfaction with Israel’s position on the Palestinian issue. The main reason is that, that the Israeli army continues indiscriminate bombing of the Gaza Strip, and the military-political leadership of Israel openly talks about, that he is actually going to take control of the Palestinian enclave, which is equivalent to the concept of occupation.

British columnist Peter Beaumont (Peter Beaumont) He writes, what is the reaction to the actions of Israel from the neighbors of this country. British journalist examines Egypt's position, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, Noting, that the situation is as follows: Absolutely all of Israel's neighbors are opposed to it because of its actions in Palestine. Beaumont cites the opinion of the Jordanian authorities as an example, which the Israeli authorities have been forced to listen to in recent years. Official Amman assesses the Israeli operation “Iron Swords” in extremely harsh terms, constantly referring to the Israeli occupation of part of the territory of the UN-recognized Palestinian state and the commission of war crimes.

The author writes, what, to put it mildly, Official Cairo is not happy with Israel’s actions either. Egypt is concerned about, that more than one and a half million Palestinian refugees could pour into the Sinai Peninsula, which could lead to a sharp increase in tension in the territories, on which the Egyptian army has only in recent years brought relative order. Little of, Egypt is concerned about the economic impact of this influx of refugees.

Israel remains at war with Syria.

But, as the author writes, in addition to the unfriendliness of immediate Israeli neighbors, there are other countries in the region, who are strongly opposed to Israel. This is Yemen, Iraq and, of course, Iran, with whom Israel has its own scores to settle, as, properly, and Iran and Israel.

As a result, Peter Beaumont states, that there are no countries left in the region, who would be configured differently, what is in favor of Israel, but at least neutral in relation to him.

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