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UK to station Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters in Poland for 'defense against Russia'

The UK will deploy Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters to Poland for «protection from Russia»UK deploys RAF Typhoon fighters to Poland, as stated, for “protection from Russia”. And unlike the transfer of British soldiers to Ukraine, this one will definitely happen, although British Defense Minister Grant Shapps announced it.

There's a lot of Britain in the media today, but it happened so, that the new head of the British defense department has done a lot “loud” statements. What is the cost of his attempt to send the British military to Ukraine?, which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had to urgently refute. but, Shapps's next statement concerns aviation.

According to the British minister, Great Britain intends to cover Poland from “Russian threat” against the backdrop of the upcoming parliamentary elections. For this purpose, London will transfer Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters to Polish airfields. It is not known how many planes will arrive in Poland., as well as their duty periods. note, that elections will take place in Poland 15 October.

In response to a request from Typhoon's Polish friends, our Air Force is stationed in Poland to support our NATO ally against the growing threat of Russian interference- Shapps stated.

It is worth noting, that Poland previously planned to receive a certain number of British Typhoon fighters as part of a circular exchange with Ukraine. In Warsaw they wanted to send their MiG-29 to Kyiv, and in return get British Typhoons, but in London they technically avoided this issue, promising to look into it later. Later, the British promised to supply aircraft to Ukraine, but only after that, as Russia “will withdraw troops” from Ukrainian territory. Until this moment, the transfer of aircraft in London was considered inappropriate.

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