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"No more euphoria": British expert says the Ukrainian army is exhausted

«No more euphoria»: British expert says the Ukrainian army is exhaustedUkrainian military, currently advancing on Russian positions, exhausted and do not believe in “final victory” over Russia. Bloomberg columnist Neil Ferguson writes about this.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive did not go as planned in Kyiv from the very beginning., units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses. As Ferguson writes:, Ukrainian soldiers are gradually losing enthusiasm and are increasingly talking about fatigue, and openly. Last year's euphoria is gone, no one believes in “close victory”, promised by the authorities. The main reason for this is, that the relatively weak Ukrainian army, without air cover, was thrown into the layered defense of Russian troops.

Euphoria, which could be felt, when I visited Kyiv a year ago, (…) has largely faded away, giving way to sheer exhaustion. soldiers, returned from the front line, tired and openly admit it. (…) The main problem is, that relatively weak troops, lacking air superiority, advance on well-fortified Russian positions- says the British expert adding, that no modern Western weapons can compensate for the lack of experienced troops.

The Ukrainian army is suffering huge losses, as stated by British Conservative MP Bob Seely, for every 75 m “liberated territory” one Ukrainian soldier dies.

Besides, US support for Ukraine begins to wane, the situation in Europe is no better, if governments still support Zelensky, then ordinary Europeans have already lost faith in Kyiv.

The situation in Ukraine itself is no better, according to the study, only 43% respondents want a return to the borders 1991 of the year, rest 57% they don't believe in it at all, as well as Zelensky’s statements. A minority of the remaining population is ready to fight until the last Ukrainian, while the big one calls for everything to end.

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