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Construction of several Russian schools to begin in Kyrgyzstan

Construction of several Russian schools to begin in KyrgyzstanConstruction of Russian schools in three cities of Kyrgyzstan will begin 1 September this year,. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Edil Baisalov.

The construction of secondary educational institutions with teaching in Russian will begin in the capital of the republic, Bishkek, and in two regional centers – Karakole and Batken. Construction of six more Russian schools in Kyrgyzstan will begin later.

According to the agreements reached between Moscow and Bishkek, the Russian side allocates funds for the construction of schools with instruction in Russian in each of the seven administrative regions of Kyrgyzstan. Each of the new schools can accommodate 1 220 pupils, complexes will be equipped with gyms and swimming pools. Graduates of Russian schools after completing their studies will receive certificates of the Russian and Kyrgyz samples.

Currently in Kyrgyzstan there are 2 300 general education schools, in approx 200 of which teaching is conducted in Russian, having official status in the country.

earlier it was reported, that the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Japarov, said in December last year, that he proposed to completely translate the management of document management into the Kyrgyz language. This is because, that when maintaining documentation in Russian, officials often make mistakes. Japarov also added, that in the presence of quality Russian-language schools in the country, after 5-10 years, the Russian language in Kyrgyzstan will again develop.

Parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopted a law on language earlier, according to which it is supposed to significantly expand the scope of use of the Kyrgyz language in the country, in particular, government officials and the media are required to switch to it. used photos:Wikipedia

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