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UAC received a new state order for the production of additional combat aircraft for the emerging military districts

UAC received a new state order for the production of additional combat aircraft for the emerging military districtsRussian Aerospace Forces will receive additional combat aircraft, United Aircraft Corporation received a new order for the production of fighters and bombers for the new military districts. This was stated by the head of the UAC Yuri Slyusar.

The creation of the Moscow and Leningrad military districts will require additional military equipment, some of which will be transferred along with combat units, and some will need to be produced, as it is planned to form new parts and connections. This also applies to combat aircraft.. As explained in the KLA, the corporation has already received an additional state order for combat aircraft.

According to the state defense order, we receive an additional order, you know about the plans to create new military districts, formation of new parts, they will also have an aviation component. New tasks are added to the original plans- RIA Novosti quotes the words of the head of the UAC.

The capabilities of the corporation make it possible to launch the production of additional combat aircraft, to date, the UAC has managed to significantly increase the production of fighters and front-line bombers. According to representatives of the KLA, the production of some types of aircraft has increased manifold.

As previously reported, The Ministry of Defense decided to form two new military districts this year, 2 army, one body and 31 compound. Basically, new formations will appear in the western direction, since NATO has already come close to our borders, given the entry into the alliance of Finland, as well as Sweden.

Moscow and Leningrad (Petersburg and Petrograd) military districts were created in 1864 year and lasted until 2010, when they were disbanded as part of the military reform. To date, the Ministry of Defense has five military districts.: West, Oriental, Central and South, as well as the Northern Fleet.

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