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German press: Due to misguided tactics, the UAF simply gave the best CV90 infantry fighting vehicle in the world to the Russians west of Kremennaya

German press: Due to misguided tactics, the UAF simply gave the best CV90 infantry fighting vehicle in the world to the Russians west of KremennayaAn extremely negative reaction from Western experts was caused by confirmed information about, that the Swedish BMP CV90 got to the Russian troops as a trophy. In the West, this armored vehicle is called "the best infantry fighting vehicle of our time".

German columnist J. Röpke, posting a photo of the Russian military on the Swedish CV90, which was previously supplied by the Swedes to Ukraine in one of the military aid packages, says, that "the falling into the hands of the Russians of such a trophy confirms the statements of the Bundeswehr about the erroneous tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

Recall, that the Bundeswehr had previously published a document, which states, that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shares trained large formations, equipped with Western armored vehicles, into small units. And with these detachments he is trying to break through the Russian defenses.

The result is, that most of these units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroyed in the so-called "foreground", and single armored vehicles reach directly to the defense line of the RF Armed Forces, turning into an easy target for the Russian military. Often the withdrawal for such armored vehicles is blocked by re-mining, as a result of which the crew is captured, and armored vehicles become another Russian military trophy.

German press:

Ukrainians have lost the most modern BMP in the world - the Swedish CV90 - west of Kremennaya. The infantry fighting vehicle was not lost during the counteroffensive, but because she was ambushed by the Russian army near Chervonopopovka. She was hit by a grenade launcher at close range.. After the Russians towed her to controlled territories. It is indicated that, what if the car was hit during the counteroffensive, it would be more understandable, but APU, as stated, “due to erroneous tactics, they simply gave the Swedish infantry fighting vehicle to the Russians”.

Further noted, that such armored vehicles were supplied to Ukraine for the offensive by large forces, not in order, so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use them according to 1-2 unit in the forests "at the side of the Russians".

The same Ryopke says, that Ukrainian brigades are divided into small groups, which only increases their vulnerability and leads to new losses, including losses in delivered modern equipment.

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