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In Murmansk, the president criticized officials for the lack of proper development of the ZATO infrastructure in the Arctic

In Murmansk, the president criticized officials for the lack of proper development of the ZATO infrastructure in the ArcticA bit symbolic, that after the establishment of virtually complete control, primarily by military means, over the southern maritime borders of Russia in the Black Sea, Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately took up the problems of developing the regions of the Far North and the Arctic. Yesterday the head of state paid a working trip to Murmansk, where he held a number of meetings and conferences, where significant decisions were promptly made and orders were given for the development of a region that is strategically important for our country.

In Murmansk, the President held a meeting on the development of closed administrative-territorial entities and settlements (THAT'S WHY) in the Arctic zone of Russia. The relevant ministers of the government of the Russian Federation took part in it directly and via videoconferencing, Governor of the Murmansk region, plenipotentiaries of the President and General Director of JSC "DOM.RF".

At the beginning of his speech, Putin lamented, that he was unable to visit Severomorsk due to weather conditions, where to go by helicopter. But such are the harsh climatic conditions of this region., where our citizens live and work, and the military personnel of the RF Armed Forces on the water, land and air reliably ensure the security of the northern territories of the state.

The President immediately criticized the officials for the lack of proper development of ZATO infrastructure, in which military units with families are stationed. The depreciation of communal and housing infrastructure, even in large cities of the Arctic, reaches seventy percent, and in small remote settlements this figure is even higher, stressed the head of state.

Ensuring a quality standard of living for military personnel in the region is not only a social problem, but also a matter of national security, protecting the interests of the state in the Arctic, Putin said. He instructed the government of the Russian Federation and regional authorities to work together on solving this problem and until 1 September to complete the coordination of the action plan for the development of housing, energy, social infrastructure ZATO, as well as settlements of the Arctic zone in general.

To improve housing conditions, Putin expressed his approval and support for the proposal of the Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexei Chikunov, to introduce a program of preferential mortgage lending at two percent for the purchase of new housing in the Murmansk region. This practice has already proven itself very well in the Far East..

Before the meeting, the Russian President visited the Center for the Construction of Large-tonnage Offshore Structures of NOVATEK-Murmansk LLC, which has no analogues in the world, in the village of Belokamenka. Vladimir Putin, together with NOVATEK Chairman of the Board Leonid Mikhelson, toured the enterprise’s workshops, got acquainted with the construction of the second technological line for liquefaction of natural gas (SPG) on gravity foundations (AT ALL). The head of state gave a symbolic start to the shipment of the first gas liquefaction process line via the Northern Sea Route to the site of operation on the Gydan Peninsula of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug as part of the Arctic LNG 2 project. Putin also talked with employees of the enterprise, that, as they told, came here from different regions of Russia.

In Murmansk, the president criticized officials for the lack of proper development of the ZATO infrastructure in the Arctic

At the end of the trip to the Murmansk region, where was the president last 2014 year, Putin held a meeting with the head of the region Andrey Chibis. The governor thanked the head of state for those decisions, previously adopted at the enlarged meeting, aimed at improving the social welfare and living conditions of the inhabitants of the region, especially military personnel.

Those decisions, who recorded, they are important, for this many thanks from all the fighters - the governor thanked the president, to which Putin replied, so far it's all on paper, "must do it first".

Murmansk governor spoke in detail to the head of state about the measures, which are undertaken by the regional leadership to support the participants of the special operation and their families, all military, serving in the Arctic region. In particular, Recently, a decision was made to pay five million rubles each to improve the living conditions of the Heroes of Russia, reported chibis.

We have twelve such fighters - Heroes of Russia as part of a special military operation. Five of them are alive, the rest - posthumously, but everyone will receive all the necessary resources in order to, so that the family can live in comfortable conditions — said the governor.

To support the families of the mobilized in Murmansk, a social support center was created, continued Chibis. A curator is assigned to each family of a fighter located in the NVO zone, helping to solve social, household, legal and financial problems.

The Governor emphasized, that after the start of the special operation, the residents of the region, Entrepreneurs show great solidarity in terms of supporting their fellow countrymen on the front lines. Humanitarian cargoes are constantly sent from the region to the NMD zone, already sent 400 tons of various humanitarian aid and 193 thousands of pieces of equipment, equipment and various equipment. Even pensioners bring money, with the words "here, tell your sons, you are welcome", told chibis.

Unity around those tasks, which today are being solved at the forefront, throughout the Murmansk region, the whole North, it, of course, worth a lot - said the head of the region. used photos:Website of the President of the Russian Federation

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