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The US press writes, that Zelensky's statement about NATO's "absurd policy" towards Ukraine caused tension in the alliance

The US press writes, that Zelensky's statement about «absurd politics» NATO towards Ukraine caused tension in the allianceThe American press writes about, that the President of Ukraine before the start of the summit in Lithuania "made attempts to put pressure on NATO". First of all, we are talking about Zelensky's post on social networks., when he called the policy of the Western military bloc "unprecedented in absurdity", under which Ukraine will not be given any time frame for admission to NATO.

American experts write, what, At first, Zelensky even before the start of the summit knew that, that Ukraine will not be accepted into NATO (in Vilnius), Secondly, "he allowed himself a bad attack on the allies".

The Washington Post published an article, which says, that Zelensky’s words about the absurdity of NATO’s policy towards Ukraine “infuriated the members of the American delegation in Lithuania”. American journalists write, that such publications by the President of Ukraine in the public space “caused tension in NATO and other delegations”.

Recall, that at the summit in Vilnius Ukraine was told that, that no country can be admitted to NATO, if she is at war. At the same time, for Ukraine, they decided to remove the option with MAP (membership action plan). On the one hand, this looks like a simplification of the procedure for joining a military alliance, on the other hand, it does not guarantee any deadlines, as well as the actual acceptance.

Earlier, Czech President Petr Pavel, in an interview with the Western press, said, that "the window of opportunity for battlefield success for Ukraine may close to some extent before the end of this year".

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