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Australia is preparing to send Ukraine a new batch of armored vehicles and artillery shells

Australia is preparing to send Ukraine a new batch of armored vehicles and artillery shellsUkraine will receive a batch of armored vehicles, this time from australia. According to the press service of the government of this country, a new package of military assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already been agreed.

According open data, The Australian government is sending military aid to Ukraine worth approximately 74 million. American dollars, not Australian. The basis of the new package will be combat vehicles with a total number of 70 units, among which 28 caterpillar American armored personnel carriers M113, 14 special purpose vehicles and 28 medium trucks MAN 40m and 14 trailers. Besides, Canberra sends APU artillery shells of caliber 105 mm, quantity not named.

As previously stated in the Australian Ministry of Defense, the supply of equipment and ammunition has been agreed with Kiev and includes everything necessary for combat operations against the Russian army. Canberra intends to continue supplying military aid to Ukraine, preliminary coordinating all deliveries with the military of Ukraine.

Currently, Kyiv and Canberra are negotiating the potential supply of F / A-18 Hornet fighters from the Australian Air Force, which have already been written off, but are still in flight condition. At the moment we are talking about just over forty aircraft, some of which can be used as spare parts donors.

US approves possible deal, Australians speak, that in case of a positive decision, all aircraft will be brought to a more or less normal state within four months. But with the condition, that Ukraine will use fighters only in the airspace of the country, and this does not suit Kyiv.

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