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The head of the Ministry of Defense announced the formation of a reserve army and an army corps

The head of the Ministry of Defense announced the formation of a reserve army and an army corpsBy the end of June this year, it is planned to form a reserve army, in addition, an army corps will be formed in the near future. These connections will be equipped with more 3,7 thousands of pieces of military equipment. This was announced by the head of the Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu.

During a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, Shoigu noted, that currently the formation of five regiments, who will enter the reserve army, already completed on 60%.

The Minister of Defense also added, that at present, four more volunteer formations have signed a contract with the defense department, and the total number of formations, acceded to the agreement with the RF Ministry of Defense, exceeds 20. according to the document, volunteers of their families are provided with support from the state on a par with regular military personnel of the RF Armed Forces.

Shoigu also said, that everything has already been recruited under a direct contract with the Ministry of Defense 114 thousands of people, yet 52 thousands entered the service in the Russian army as volunteers. Average number of citizens, concluding a military service contract, exceeds 1300 person per day.

At the end of last year, the head of the Ministry of Defense announced his intention to increase the size of the Russian army from 1,151 million people to 1,5 millions. Besides, The State Duma approved the bill, involving a gradual increase from 2024 draft year (elementary) age from 18 to 21 of the year. also with 27 to 30 years, the age limit for conscription into the army will be raised. used photos:Russian Defense Ministry

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