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Western press: There are supporters in the NATO leadership, and opponents of a direct clash between the alliance and Russia

Western press: There are supporters in the NATO leadership, and opponents of a direct clash between the alliance and RussiaRussian-led special operation, looks like, pushes NATO countries to work out the issue of its possible entry into a direct confrontation with Russia. This is reported by the American news magazine Newsweek.. As the authors of the publication point out, some experts believe, that the alliance is not at all capable of this, while others express confidence, that now is the right time for this, in view of the weakening of the Russian army by the fighting in Ukraine.

At the same time, the former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Joint Armed Forces in Europe, Richard Shirreff, on the eve of the alliance summit, which will be held in Vilnius, has already announced the unpreparedness of the countries of this military-political bloc for a war with Russia.

It needs a real kick in the ass, said a British retired general in an interview with Newsweek.

In this regard,, he also recalled the decision of the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance to gradually reduce the military spending of the member countries of the bloc, However, Poland turned out to be an exception to these rules.. Also, a retired military man expressed bewilderment about the fact that, that the main initiator of the cuts in the military budget was the British army. According to him, there proceeded from, what exactly is China, not Russia, acts as the main long-term threat to NATO.

Also, added Shirreff, all attempts by the alliance to contain Moscow have failed, because he needed to strengthen his military potential back in 2014, after the Crimea became part of the Russian Federation. However, this has not been done.

The head of the military committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Lieutenant-Admiral of the Royal Netherlands Navy Rob Bauer, also spoke on this topic.. he believes, that a conflict between Moscow and the alliance could erupt at any moment, despite all the efforts of the bloc to distance itself as much as possible from direct participation in hostilities by providing military support to Kyiv.

The authors of the material also emphasize the need to fulfill obligations on collective defense, enshrined in the article 5 Charter of the North Atlantic Organization, which became more relevant than ever against the backdrop of reports of the arrival of a "Russian" rocket in Poland in November last year. true, After some time, when confirmed, that the rocket was fired by the APU, the ardor of the bloc members subsided, sums up edition.

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