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The Ukrainian authorities demanded that the European Commission cancel the permit issued to Rosatom for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Hungary

The Ukrainian authorities demanded that the European Commission cancel the issued «Rosatom» permission to build a nuclear power plant in HungaryThe Government of Ukraine sent a note to the European Commission demanding to review the previously issued company “Rosatom” project permission, involving the construction of the second stage of the Hungarian nuclear power plant “Paksh”.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said, Kyiv expects, that the decision of the European Commission, providing for the implementation “Rosatom” construction project in Hungary of nuclear reactors, will be reviewed. The head of the Ukrainian government raised the relevant issue during a meeting within the Council of the Economic Cooperation Organization. Shmyhal put forward a demand to European allies to impose sanctions against the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation.

In May this year, the European Commission approved the amendments proposed by the governments of Hungary and Russia, allowing “Rosatom” carry out the construction of two nuclear reactors at the Hungarian nuclear power plant “Paksh-2”.

Hungarian nuclear power plant using Russian nuclear fuel “Paksh” provides Hungary with half of all electricity produced and a third of the electricity consumed by this country. The hungarian authorities, despite the EU sanctions imposed after the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine, attach great importance to the construction of additional reactors under the project “Rosatom”. Until now, Budapest has been able to successfully restrain the attempts of the EU authorities and a number of other countries to extend anti-Russian economic sanctions to the areas, related to nuclear power. used photos:Wikipedia

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