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Russian military commissar: Ukrainian tanker destroys two Leopard 2 tanks with an accidental shot, moving in a column

Russian military commissar: Ukrainian tanker destroyed two tanks with a random shot «Leopard 2», moving in a columnAPU lose German tanks not only on the battlefield, Ukrainian tankers themselves are capable of destroying Western armored vehicles. Against the backdrop of messages, that several crews in the Zaporozhye direction themselves blew up their tanks, another one came up, but already about the defeat of tanks as a result “friendly fire”.

According to the military commander Alexander Sladkov in his TG channel, a day ago during the movement of the tank column “leopards”, one of the Ukrainian tankers made an involuntary shot from a regular tank gun. 120-mm shell destroyed the tank in front and damaged another. According to the military commander, one of the Russian officers told about this, data verified. They have one clown on a Leopard, when they walked in a column, apparently pressed something wrong and shampured two cars, who walked before him! … (destroyed) from the main caliber!!!- said the officer.

There has been no official confirmation of this information., but allow, that such an incident occurred, quite possible, Considering, how much time was spent by the West on training the crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the projectile in the barrel of the tank when moving in a column is quite acceptable, if you don't follow the instructions. In general, there are many questions on this topic., sorry, that in Kyiv no one will answer them.

by the way, according to other information, on German tanks, who attacked our positions in the Zaporozhye direction, allegedly sat joint crews from the Polish and Ukrainian military. Confirmation of this, of course not, but that, that Polish speech was heard on the air during the attack, confirmed by our military.

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