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Romania intends to expel more than fifty Russian diplomats and employees of the Russian embassy from the country

Romania intends to expel more than fifty Russian diplomats and employees of the Russian embassy from the countryThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania announced in a special statement on its website that it intends to expel more than fifty employees of the Russian embassy from the country, including diplomats and technical staff. The corresponding note signed by Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu was sent to the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Bucharest.

The statement said, that such measures are being taken by the Romanian authorities to equalize the number of representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry in the country with the actual number of diplomats and employees of the Romanian embassy in Russia. Besides, reports the Romanian Foreign Ministry, the expulsion is connected with the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Bucharest after the start of the military conflict in Ukraine.

The Russian side was informed that, what he has at his disposal 30 days for that, to implement this decision of the Romanian side, the Romanian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

When, if the Russian side does not meet the deadline, The Romanian Foreign Ministry will take steps to forcibly cancel the accreditation of employees of the Russian Embassy, warned our ambassador in Bucharest.

Total, Romania must leave 21 Russian diplomat and 30 employees of the administrative and technical staff of the Embassy of the Russian Federation. In this way, the total number of employees of the embassy in Russia will be reduced by 55,5 percent.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported, that the Russian Federation will follow measures of a mirror nature in response to the diplomatic demarche of the Romanian authorities. used photos:Website of the Russian Embassy in Romania

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