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Serbian protests also began in the southern regions of Kosovo

Serbian protests also began in the southern regions of KosovoEthnic Serbs living in enclaves in the south of unrecognized Kosovo staged mass protests in support of the demands, put forward by compatriots in the north of the territory. Thousands of Serbs took part in peaceful protests, living in the southern enclaves of Gracanice and Štrpce, as well as in the village of Gorne-Kustse.

According to the portal Kosovo online, protests by ethnic Serbs continue in the northern municipalities of Zvecan and Leposavić, calling for the recall of the elected, despite boycotts by the Serbian population, in April of this year, Kosovo Albanian representatives of local authorities.

Besides, protesters demand the withdrawal of special police units of the self-proclaimed republic, during the clashes with which they suffered 52 Serbian and not less 30 KFOR military personnel. The organizers of the protests also emphasize the peaceful nature of the protests..

Members of the NATO KFOR contingent surrounded the buildings of municipal governments in advance with fortifications in the form of rows of barbed wire, behind which were placed Kosovo Albanian police officers equipped with heavy equipment and armored vehicles.

The head of the government of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Albin Kurti, during a meeting of the unrecognized “parliament” republics declared, that support, rendered to the heads of municipalities by the special units of the Kosovo Albanian police, were dictated by the need. used photos:Wikipedia/Sgt. Joshua Dodds

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