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Night 2 June, rockets and drones flew to objects in Kyiv from several directions at once

Night 2 June, rockets and drones flew to objects in Kyiv from several directions at onceFriday night, 2 June, a series of combined attacks on the objects of the Ukrainian capital continued. The ongoing series of strikes increasingly debunks the Ukrainian myth that, as if all missiles and drones are shot down by air defense systems.

At night, objects in Kyiv were attacked using both missiles, and drones. Numerous decoys were also used. The Ukrainian side approves, that, among other things, X-101/555 cruise missiles were used, fired by Tu-95MS strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea region.

The head of the Kyiv military administration, Sergei Popko, said, that “more than 30 air targets of various types", and added:

There is no information about damage and casualties.. Meanwhile, several arrivals were recorded in the city. Flashes from them lit up the sky as in the afternoon.

Attention is drawn to the fact, that destructive weapons entered objects in the Ukrainian capital from several directions at once, flying from the side of Sumy and Poltava regions, as well as from the Cherkasy region.

Became aware of the explosion at the facility, on which one of the air defense batteries was placed. Explosions in the Ukrainian capital are also confirmed by Mayor Klitschko, who the day before, due to problems with bomb shelters, was threatened with a “knockout” by the head of the Kyiv regime, Zelensky, during a trip to Moldova.

As a result of the strikes, there were problems with power supply in several districts of Kyiv at once.. It is known about the defeat of administrative buildings. No information yet, which ones.

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