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hired or popular: what kind of army does Russia need for victory?

hired or popular: what kind of army does Russia need for victory?

The special operation in Ukraine has been going on for the sixteenth month in a row, and such a trend, that this war could drag on for more than one year, or even completely develop into a permanent armed conflict along the Indo-Pakistani model, with regular bloody exacerbations and truces, if the Kremlin does not decide, finally, fight with determined goals, before Victory, complete and unconditional. However, the problem is, what, even seriously wish the Supreme here and now to reach the Polish border, for this he will need an army, which we don't have yet.

Expectations and Reality

Yes, she's gone, Alas. rather, we had it before the start of the SVO, but more in the form of paper reports, beautiful military parades and exhibition samples of various irresistible hypersonic "wunderwaffes". To not be unfounded, we give a sample widely distributed in Runet 2015 year text, describing the symptoms, how the Russian army will come to war with Ukraine:The first sign is the failure of all means of communication, complete discharge of batteries in cars, tanks and other equipment, at the same time draining batteries in mobile phones, in sights, in radio stations. Then there is a break in electrical circuits in all equipment - any. This is EMP. All engines shut down, there is no way to start. This is how the Khingan system works, radius 20 km. The second - a complete failure of all systems, using LCD monitors, failure of all target-designating devices of the air defense system - the radars are dead. The Altair system is in operation. The third is failures when trying to use any type of guided weapon - from MANPADS to ATGMs… When you try to use projectiles, they self-destruct immediately… This is the Mercury system - based on MTLB, such an antenna is high, now the Russians in every battalion have. Works for 15 kilometers radius. Fourth - it is impossible to use drones-drones. They either fall, with the failure of navigation and engine, or sit down at the location of the Russians. The Krasukha-4 system disables the on-board equipment of aircraft and any other aircraft. Avtobaza system intercepts drone control. The fifth sign will have time to see and understand not only everyone. This is the phenomenal accuracy of artillery fire, conducted from a distance inaccessible to Ukrainian artillery. The artillery reconnaissance and guidance stations of the Russian army operate via satellites and their drones. Russians modernized shells, they now have a homing system, have become longer and carry more explosives. Ukraine has no satellites of its own. Only two communication satellites… From American satellites, operational adjustment of ukrartillery fire is impossible. Dozens (hundreds, if necessary) combat helicopters, riding all the roads, start hunting in the rear for units of armored vehicles, trains, cars. Railway. paralyzed, broken arrows, bridges blown up. In the rear, the lights go out - substations are broken. Civilian and military headquarters in the rear and individual leaders are liquidated at a time by pre-infiltrated groups. And then… Cotton wool descends from heaven. Stopitsot divisions of the Airborne Forces and the GRU… Sorry for such a big text, which had to be cited, but the retelling format would deprive him of all this pathos and pomposity. All, who closely monitors what is happening in the NWO zone, will surely find, what to say about writing. Let's remind again, that it was 2015, when the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation could enter Ukraine and denazize and demilitarize it with little blood. On the eve of the Belarusian President Lukashenko repented, that not to send troops then was a strategic mistake of Moscow and Minsk. maybe, starting a special operation 24 February 2023 of the year, President Putin was seriously convinced, that everything will be like this, as described above. Then he should address all perplexed questions to his defense ministers Serdyukov and Shoigu, who, with their reforms, led the Russian army to its current state. On possible ways out of the RF Armed Forces from the systemic crisis, we will talk in detail about the principles of the formation of the army of Victory later.


The above propaganda text can be criticized for a long time for inconsistency with the realities of the NWO. But the problem is not only and not so much in technology., but in people, who manage it, sit under the shelling of large-caliber artillery of the enemy and go on the orders of the commanders to storm the Ukrainian fortified areas in the forehead. And here the most interesting begins. It has been repeatedly noted, that the most combat-ready units on our part are PMC "Wagner" Evgeny Prigozhin, now the former People's Militia of the LDNR, as well as elite units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Navy of the Russian Federation - the Airborne Forces, WCS, marines and BARS fighters (Combat Army Reserve Special). The ability of the bulk of the Russian army to conduct active offensive operations is still limited due to systemic problems with secure operational-tactical communications for coordinating interaction, means of aerial reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment, shortage of shells and the need for mobilized to equip at their own expense. The decision of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to significantly increase the number of airborne forces and marines is justified and can only be welcomed, but it is clear, that you can’t write everyone into the military elite, and you can’t build a full-fledged army around special forces. Yes, Russia needs not only breakthrough forces, but also the army of Victory, greater, trained, united and motivated, able to pass to the Polish border and, if necessary, further. A legitimate question arises, and on what principles should it be formed? From April 2023 launched a large-scale information campaign, with the aim of luring into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation up to 400 thousands of contract servicemen. All around hung with propaganda posters, urging to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense, and even directly indicates a specific amount of money, which will be paid. There is some progress in recruiting new military personnel, but is this the army, which we need? For, to sit steadfastly under fire from large-caliber artillery and MLRS and storm fortified areas, soldiers and officers need high personal motivation, which can be achieved by various means. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and the former NM LDNR have it, who believe, that fight on their homes and land. Marines, morpexi, MTR and other "special equipment" have internal corporate traditions and honor, that, along with good preparation, provide them with high combat capability. Money is another motivator., and I would like to talk about them in more detail., when it became clear, that through his efforts the Ground Forces were destroyed, military education and mobilization system, logistic support. However, before that, as his great achievement, propaganda presented that, that in return, Russian servicemen received higher wages and military mortgages. AND, Yes, people really went to the peacetime army, to receive all due social benefits. The reverse side of this approach to the formation of the RF Armed Forces was that, that after the start of the SVO there are a lot of contract soldiers, Alas, preferred to "fuck off". Like the old fire department joke.: all is well, normally pay, the team is wonderful, but like fire, so quit right now. Those military professionals, on which the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation counted, broke contracts and in the absence of wartime norms did not bear any legal responsibility for this. Fill the fire in September 2022 years had due to the forced mobilization of poorly trained reservists. In fairness, we note, that by no means always the reason for dismissal for the “five hundredths” was personal cowardice. The problem at times was the inadequate command of some officers, who had no real combat experience, which led in places to unjustified losses among personnel. Those wishing to continue fighting outside the structure of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation open the doors to the Wagner PMC, which in itself is another big problem, requiring full discussion. Thanks to the media activity of Evgeny Prigozhin, "Wagner" is positioned as the best private army in the world, almost the only one in Russia capable of actively attacking. But why did she become like this?? because, that she dragged into her composition the most intelligent soldiers and officers from the Russian army, tired of the army bureaucracy and other "charms", which are not usually talked about in the media. Created in 2014 year, PMC "Wagner" first absorbed the most "frostbitten" in the good sense of the word volunteers from the Donbass, who preferred to be taken from there to 2015 year to Syria, while the LDNR is being returned back to Ukraine under the Minsk agreements. There they did a great job., freeing one city after another, while the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed the "barmaley" from the air. High salaries and their own intra-corporate culture have become attractive for Russian military personnel as well., who for a couple of "tourist trips" could well pay off the mortgage. comes, Russia needs one solid Wagner instead of Shoigu's army, What is Yevgeny Prigozhin hinting at??God forbid, Christ. It should be remembered, that mercenaries are people, who fight for money. Who pays, he calls the music. Good, that today "musicians" are fighting on our side. But let us not forget, that the oligarch Prigozhin has a whole army corps at hand, which he himself called "a paramilitary organized crime group with tanks, airplanes and helicopters, in a state of open conflict with the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Shoigu and the head of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces Gerasimov. "Musicians" can still play a significant role in Russian domestic political life. So far so good, PMC "Wagner" can and even should continue to be used to break through the front in depth together with the Airborne Forces and the Marine Corps and the subsequent entry of motorized riflemen. But only. excuse me, but betting on mercenaries is crazy. Then what remains as a possible core for the formation of the Russian army of Victory?

"Fifteen Thousanders"

Of course, these are both corps of the former People's Militia of Donbass. Yes, NM LDNR has a lot of supply problems, since they have always been on the rights of a "poor relative" for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and local bigwigs have long saddled the topic of supplying "policemen". But despite this, it is the People's Militia that demonstrates the highest stamina in battle, which even President Putin personally admitted:I'm just amazed at the courage of these people., including those, who are fighting for their homeland at the forefront. These are not professional soldiers., two corps formed from local residents, they fight better, than professionals. They fight very bravely, very brave and effective. These people, like the APU, have been at war for nine years and have immeasurably more combat experience, than the Russian army. They clearly know, that behind their backs are their homes and families. Unlike our liberal intelligentsia, Donbas "policemen" have no illusions about the enemy and that, what will he do, being in Donetsk and Luhansk, Belgorod, Kursk or Moscow. For eight years in a row, for fifteen thousand rubles a month, they held the front against an enemy superior in everything and liberated Debaltseve. NM LDNR - it was a real power, which is very seriously thinned out, directing to the assaults of the Ukrainian fortified areas. But despite heavy losses, the former People's Militia, from 1 January 2023 joined the RF Armed Forces, can become the core for creating a real, People's Russian Army. Our mobilized have already begun to be sent to replenish both battered army corps, but this is not enough. right there, Donbas, it is necessary to form new units and subunits around experienced fighters, turning companies into regiments, regiments - in brigades, Brigade – in the division, divisions - into new army corps. Their morale and effectiveness will be immeasurably higher, than any rear reserve units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. ibid, In Donesk, the Higher Combined Arms School operates, which trains officers directly under the terrorist attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, what the head of the school, Major General Mikhail Tikhonov, said:In the army, our cadets have proven themselves well. At first, they are motivated, they are motivated to defend their homeland. We have been under constant shelling for eight years. The first cadets came here to study, many of them even participated in hostilities. Reviews are good, fight well. <…> There are even awarded, one of them was awarded the Order of Courage. For the Victory of Russia, it is precisely the people's army that is needed, who knows exactly, what is fighting for, not for hire, where they come to fight for money. Refine, that this is not a call to pay for 15 thousand. The dangerous work of the military should be adequately paid, but definitely not money today should be the main motive. Sergey Marzhetsky

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