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The United States refused to give Russia information about the location of strategic weapons, falling under START

The United States refused to give Russia information about the location of strategic weapons, falling under STARTThe United States stops transmitting data on the status and location of its strategic weapons to Russia, subject to the START Treaty. The US State Department made this statement..

US finally bury START, ceasing to fulfill the conditions, stipulated by the agreement. As stated in the State Department, from 1 June 2023 U.S. stops transmitting information to Russia about the location and status of strategic weapons. Besides, the Americans are revoking all visas issued to Russian specialists for inspections under START and no longer intend to issue new ones. However, The United States has not allowed our specialists into its territory for a long time, so there is nothing new. also with 1 June, the United States stops providing telemetry information to Russia about the launches of American intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

About, that the Americans will no longer provide Russia with information about their strategic nuclear weapons, became known in March of this year. According to Pentagon Assistant John Plum, It's connected, Firstly, at the end of the half-year period, during which the parties exchanged data under START. Prior to this, Washington accused Russia of allegedly refusing to provide such information and decided to accept “countermeasures”. By suspending the provision of information, the United States wants “return” Russia in an agreement.

Russia officially suspended participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (DSNV) from 1 March this year, Decree signed by Vladimir Putin. The decision was made in connection with the ongoing hostile policy of the United States and the West in general towards our country.. Threats to “defeat” Russia by any means, calls for the collapse of the Russian state could not remain without a corresponding reaction from the Kremlin.

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