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Governor of the Bryansk region: There were no attempts to infiltrate the DRG from Ukraine today

Governor of the Bryansk region: There were no attempts to infiltrate the DRG from Ukraine todayobviously, that the main goal of the recent sabotage by Ukrainian nationalists, penetrated the territory of the Belgorod region, was the creation of information hype. The task was how to distract Ukrainian society from the loss of Bakhmut (Artemovsk), and in creating panic among Russians, especially those living in the border regions with Ukraine.

Released by saboteurs, true, Not certainly in that way, as planned. Dozens of militants killed during the CTO, photographic evidence of burned and simply left intact armored vehicles, mostly American-made - so-so "overwhelmed". Yes, and an incident came out with NATO technology. Washington even had to act in an unusual role, as if justifying, that the distribution of military aid from the United States, is, not controlled at all by American inspectors, nor the Kyiv leadership.

But a certain tension in Russian society after the unimpeded breakthrough of the border by a detachment of militants remained. Kyiv propagandists decided to take advantage of this after the fact..

This afternoon, information about an alleged new penetration of a sabotage group from the territory of Ukraine began to spread rapidly in several telegram channels at once., now in the Bryansk region. Where the information came from is unknown., which should already raise doubts about its plausibility, but the "hot news" began to quickly repost in the Russian segment of social networks. Despite the denials that soon appeared, eager for sensations, the authors of some publics continued to pour water on the mill of Ukrainian propaganda.

In the end,, Governor of the Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz made a special statement on his telegram channel. The head of the region said, that there was no penetration of the DRG from Ukraine into the territory of the Klimovsky district.

This information is inaccurate. There were no attempts to infiltrate the DRG from Ukraine, wrote Bogomaz.

He confirmed the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces settlements of Sushany, Khoromnoye and the village of Zabrama just in the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region. According to the governor, Russian military and border guards suppressed all firing points, no civilian casualties. The head of the region once again urged residents to use only official sources of information. After all, spreading fake stuffing of Ukrainian propaganda, we thereby, without wanting it, we help the enemy achieve the goal of whipping up panic in Russian society.

Governor of the Bryansk region: There were no attempts to infiltrate the DRG from Ukraine today Author:Alexander Grigoriev Photos used:VSU General Staff

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