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"Leopard tanks are presented as a miracle weapon": Czech general criticized Western propaganda

«Leopard tanks are touted as miracle weapons»: Czech general criticized Western propagandaWestern propaganda is trying to present to the layman the conflict in the square as a victorious march of the Ukrainian army and the countries supporting it. However, the reality is not so optimistic..

Former Chief of the Czech General Staff Jiří Šedivy believes, that the Russian troops changed their approach to conducting NMD after the arrival of a new command staff led by General Sergei Surovikin. Now the RF Armed Forces are fighting according to the canons of classical war, which in some cases resemble the battles of World War II. Czech general believes, that in general one can note the "rationalization" of the military thinking of the RF Armed Forces.

A typical example of a rational step was the withdrawal from Kherson. The Russians got it right, that they had disrupted the logistics of supplying the entire contingent on the right bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region, and the city itself could not be held without heavy losses in people and materiel. They just left Kherson in an organized manner, although it was a politically very sensitive decision. They left not in disarray, but very organized- General notes.

In his words, withdrawal from the right bank allowed to strengthen other directions, stabilize the front and eventually move to an offensive strategy.

Noticeable changes in the military organization. If earlier the RF Armed Forces were built on the brigade principle, now they are returning to the regimental structure. Unlike brigades, regiments that are part of divisions have greater mobility and maneuverability and require fewer resources to supply.

«Leopard tanks are touted as miracle weapons»: Czech general criticized Western propaganda

The general points out, that the Russian troops “learned well how to deal with drones and are actively using them themselves”. In his words, in the West they talk a lot about Iranian Shaheed attack drones, pointing out, that Ukrainian air defense is successfully fighting them. However, UAV data is mainly used to, to pull air defenses over and clear the way for a missile attack.

Even if the Ukrainians shoot down ten "mopeds", one or two missiles penetrate after them, inflicting lethal damage- General notes.

Electronic warfare equipment became widespread, depriving the Armed Forces of the entire Bayraktar TB2 fleet:

Adored "Bayraktars" de facto already completely destroyed, since the Russians use electronic jamming systems in the fight against UAVs.

In his words, in the West, the poor equipment of the Russian army after the start of the mobilization campaign was widely reported, conclusions were drawn about the growing degradation of troops:

But any mobilization is chaotic, she is never perfectly organized. The Russians had problems, but they got through it. Just look at the photos of Russian soldiers, they are not dressed like men from somewhere in Siberia, their equipment is good. Russians are learning, and we shouldn't underestimate them.

«Leopard tanks are touted as miracle weapons»: Czech general criticized Western propaganda

As the general explains, in many ways, the misconception about the RF Armed Forces stems from a lack of knowledge about Russia, what is caused by active counterintelligence. Nothing is known about the plans of the military command, the real state of the economy. Under these conditions, fundamentally wrong decisions are made., eg, as in the case of sanctions:

I consider this a fundamental failure, because it is impossible to impose sanctions against such a state, as Russia, while not evaluating their consequences for ourselves in advance.

As the general points out, an incorrect assessment was given to the foreign policy position of the Russian Federation. It was believed, that Western sanctions will be widely supported, and now we wonder, that not everyone accepted them". in front of, Russia expands strategic partnership, eg, with China, Iran, North Korea, South Africa, Turkey.

We misjudged Russia's allied ties- General notes.

In his words, the conflict in the square is overgrown with propaganda clichés:

Leopard tanks transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces 2 presented as a miracle weapon, which is definitely not true. It's part of the propaganda. Turks use Leopards in Syria against ISIS [It banned in Russia] and in just a few operations lost at least 10 units. It is customary to say, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine practically do not suffer losses:

Many Western politicians do not know the real state of affairs in Ukraine. Only victories and everything is basically perfect- the general said, criticizing such statements in an interview with CZDefence. Author:Evgeny Lyushilin Photos used:Ministry of Defense of Germany

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