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First Deputy Prime Minister Belousov listed a set of measures to achieve Russia's financial sovereignty

First Deputy Prime Minister Belousov listed a set of measures to achieve Russia's financial sovereigntyThe Russian government has developed a set of measures in five areas, designed to ensure the achievement of the financial sovereignty of the country. This was stated by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov.

Belousov emphasized, that the complex of these measures includes such directions, as an increase in the supply of long money, strengthening investor confidence in the Russian financial market, expansion of the line for attachments, integration with financial markets of friendly countries, as well as the use of digital financial assets.

During a meeting of the head of state with members of the government, Belousov said, that achieving financial sovereignty is one of the six key objectives, aimed at achieving national goals, scheduled for the period up to 2030 of the year.

The First Deputy Prime Minister noted the need to achieve self-sufficiency of the national financial market, due to both the availability of long-term financial resources, so the presence of conditions, allowing them to be converted into investments in the real sector of the economy

During the strategic session, held under the leadership of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, discussed in detail ways to solve existing problems and identified five key areas of action for the period from 2025 by 2030.

One of the key areas for solving the identified tasks is the integration of the Russian financial market into the financial markets of friendly countries. To do this, it is expected, among other things, to ensure the attraction of investors from these countries, which is extremely important, since no financial market is capable of developing in conditions of complete isolation. Author:Maxim Svetlyshev Photos used:Pixabay

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