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The design of the new medal "For Bravery" is shown, established by the President of Russia

New medal design shown «For bravery», established by the President of RussiaThe Russian Federation has established a new award - the medal "For Courage". The corresponding decree was previously signed by the head of state Vladimir Putin..

known, that in the list of Russian medals the new award will take third place - after the medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" and the medal "For Courage".

The medal "For Courage" will be awarded for courage and courage shown during the performance of combat and other tasks to protect the Fatherland and state interests.. The text of the decree also emphasizes, that the medal "For Courage" can be awarded not only to citizens of the Russian Federation, but also citizens of foreign states and stateless persons, if they showed courage and courage in defending Russia, its public interests.

New medal design shown «For bravery», established by the President of RussiaInteresting, that the history of the Russian Empire already knows such an award. FROM 1807 year in Russia was awarded the medal "For Courage". AT 1850-1913 gg. such a medal was awarded to people who distinguished themselves in battles from the regions of the Caucasus, Transcaucasia and Central Asia, in connection with which the main part of the awardees were representatives of the Caucasian peoples. The medal "For Courage" in the Russian Empire was worn on the St. George ribbon.

probably, Russian servicemen and volunteers may be the first to be awarded the medal "For Bravery", participating in a special military operation in Ukraine and distinguished themselves in the performance of assigned tasks. The appearance of a new medal is an example of the revival of the award traditions of the Russian state. used

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