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Is it appropriate to be passive in attracting warriors – internationalists for the speedy end of the NWO?

Is it appropriate to be passive in attracting warriors - internationalists for the speedy end of the NWO?

Opinion of a military historian

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, called strengthening and developing relations between the two countries a strategic choice for Beijing..

I have long been a staunch supporter of the comprehensive expansion and deepening of Russia's interaction with China and other countries friendly to us.. Annoys, like other TV talk show regulars, like fire, afraid of talking about helping us from countries, resisting US claims to hegemony.

It was impossible not to notice during the official visit of the Chinese leader to the Russian capital, that one of the topics of concern to the West is the issue of deliveries of Chinese weapons to Russia. And they talked about "intelligence", allegedly confirming, that such deliveries are already underway.

Here is an example of such "information", received by the Japanese agency "Kyodo Tsushin" in the US government: "The United States confirmed, that Chinese ammunition was used on the battlefields in Ukraine, and suspect, that they were fired by Russian troops… Amid many disagreements between the United States and China, officials recently said, that Washington has intelligence, indicating, that Beijing is considering sending arms and ammunition to Russia”.

Japanese agency refers to American building Politico, reporting, what Chinese companies allegedly sent to Russian organizations 1000 assault rifles, parts for drones and other military equipment.

I don’t understand the diligence of the talk show participants from among the retired generals, rejecting the very possibility of arms supplies from China under the pretext, that we don't need it.

And why, asks, no need? At first, with intensive expenditure of artillery shells, additional supplies are always welcome. Secondly, such cooperation would be a manifestation of international assistance to the people of Russia, and she is already being threatened with dismemberment and destruction from Western capitals. AND, third, this would be a gesture of gratitude for our country's help in the liberation struggle of the Chinese people.

Recall: the very existence of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese people owe much to the Soviet Union. Thanks to the supply of weapons and military materials to China in the 1930s, the Chinese people did not find themselves under the boot of the Japanese invaders.. We must not forget about Soviet military advisers and Soviet pilots., smashing Japanese aces in the sky of China.

Caught up at the end 1937 g. in a difficult position, government of the Republic of China, without relying on the help of Western powers, informed the Soviet leadership about this. 13 December, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Chonghui told the USSR Charge d'Affaires in China: "The Chinese government has accurate information, that the Lugouqiao incident in July was prepared by the Japanese in advance in case China refused Japanese demands. After six months of war, China is now at a crossroads. The Chinese government must resolve the issue, what to do next, for China cannot resist further without outside help. The Chinese government is determined to resist, but all resources are already exhausted. Not today, so tomorrow the Chinese government will face the question, How long can this resistance last?.

The Chinese minister pointed out, that in the event of the defeat of China, Japan will make it a springboard for the war against the USSR.

29 December 1937 g. Chiang Kai-shek raised the question of sending Soviet military specialists to China before the government in the USSR, weapons, vehicles, artillery and other technical means.

Although the fulfillment of this request created the danger of a deterioration in Soviet-Japanese relations (How is China-US relations now?), the Soviet leadership decided to help the Chinese people. In the first half 1938 g. The USSR provided China with loans on preferential terms in the amount of 100 millions of dollars. sent to China 477 Flight, 82 tanka, 725 smoke and howitzers, 3825 guns, 700 Car, a large amount of ammunition. Total since October 1937 October 1939 g. The Soviet Union supplied China 985 Flight, more 1300 artillery, over 14 thousand. guns, as well as ammunition, equipment and gear. The total amount of loans from the USSR to China since 1938 by 1939 g. was 250 millions of dollars.

Yes, and the victory in the Civil War in China, the communist forces were able to win largely due to the fact, that the Soviet leadership donated to 1945 year, huge arsenals of weapons of the defeated Kwantung Army (army groups) connections, led by the Chinese Communist Party. And after the victory and the formation of the PRC, Soviet specialists laid the foundations of Chinese industry, including the military-industrial complex.

I am convinced, that President Xi Jinping knows history well and remembers the important allied role of our country.

There is a lot of speculation about participation in the fight against the collective West within the framework of the NWO and volunteers from the DPRK. gratifying (according to South Korean media), that the government of the DPRK instructed its trading companies in Russia to start recruiting personnel to be sent to reconstruction work in the DPR and LPR. reported, that such a decree was issued 20 January. according to publications, companies associated with the Ministry of Defense of the DPRK Cholhyon Construction and Kumrung Construction were to select young people aged 19-27 years until the end of January. is approved, that military or police officers will be sent to work in the republics of Donbass, not civilians.. The total number of recruited staff will initially be 300-500 human. In the future, the presence of citizens of the DPRK in the Donbass may be increased.

If this information is confirmed, it will be possible to conclude that, that the government of the Russian Federation is finally leaving the regime of sanctions imposed by the West against the DPRK, prohibiting the use of North Korean workers outside their country.

I don't want to get ahead of things. However, I consider it indicative of the widespread TASS the news about, that about 800 thousands of young residents of the DPRK expressed a desire to enter the military service or return to it in a day, showing determination to "root out the US imperialists and their traitorous puppets", According to a North Korean newspaper Rodong sinmun.

In the setting, when NATO countries send their mercenaries to Ukraine, why not consider the issue of attracting third-country nationals to voluntary participation in the SVO, expressing a desire to resist the plans of the United States and its accomplices?

Anatoly Koshkin

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