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Corrupting temptation to despondency

Corrupting temptation to despondency

We have learned a lot in the past year. We saw people and nonhumans, human and inhuman, essential and empty, reasonable and insane. We - or to be more precise, even the most blind among us, and above all those, who are "ours" - they saw, that the Viscous Third Age was filled with inhuman, empty, insane. We - or to be more precise, then "ours" - saw, that the time for discussion and explanation is over.

Not least because, that discussions and explanations don't work there, where no communication is possible. Can't be explained by, who wants only one thing - to kill you. Can't argue there., where your arguments are pre-declared meaningless. Can't talk then, when you are to blame, that you exist.

And we also saw, that much of what seemed ridiculous and backward, obsolete and dark, emerges through foam and emptiness. Appears as eternal, as an absolute, like indestructible. It seemed to us unfashionable and out of date the word "sin". It seemed to us unfashionable and uninteresting the word "honor". It seemed to us unimportant and interfering with the word "pride".

The entire Viscous Third Age was built on the denial of honor, on the exaltation of pride, in the glorification of sin. And now we are faced with them again - but we look at them with completely different eyes.. Because honor is here, on the other side of the screen for the most trivial layman, and even on the other side of the shoulder for those sitting in the trench. Because pride is here, on the other side of the screen for the telegram reader or YouTube viewer. Because sin is here, in a broken society, ruined state, ruined human lives, destroyed buildings, destroyed minds and forces of thousands and millions of people.

And in the destruction of these, contrary to pathos moaning and whining of adherents of the Viscous Third Ages like the "Spanish blogger", they are not guilty, who came to remind of honor and sin. and this, who for a third of a century sat on the streams of sins, rivers of hate, avalanches of malice, elements of resentment and rage. for example, the same "Spanish blogger" (here is a convenient conceptual pair for the phrase "Spanish shame", a?). But now it's not about him..

The sacred is destroyed not by the base. The sacred is destroyed by the obscene

Now about that, that the Viscous Third Age has become only the pinnacle of the destruction of human society. more precisely, not so: pinnacle of destruction as a human, as well as society.

Man has been growing out of mud for centuries - because there was nothing more to grow out of. Man has been building the sandcastle of his society for thousands of years - and the waves of centuries have washed away this castle, forcing you to start over. Sand - because there was nothing more to build from.

In this terrible process, where the labor of millions and billions of people is hidden, gradually selected, stockpiled, arranged those few pebbles, who were in this sand. They were being cleansed, laundered in the waters of the World Ocean of History, they constituted ever higher and more powerful walls of society. Every pebble was a find. Everyone who finds such a pebble is a hero, poet, scientists, preacher, holy, ascetic, savior.

And in the second half of the twentieth century, self-confident descendants of billions, who laid down their lives on the altar of the ascent of this self-confidence, decided suddenly, what all. The fight is over. Nothing can happen to the castle of society. The story is over. It is possible to parasitize on the blood of the ancestors of the reclaimed patch from the elements and the Ocean of Heritage, you can paint stones, you can dress monuments and memorials in clown colors, you can play with rocks. The work is over, the fun has begun.

This infantile-criminal idea was immediately helpfully sung by the completely degraded liberal ideology by that time.. Which back in the eighteenth century was progressive, was part of the same painful process of finding pebbles and erecting a colossal building, but - like everything in this world - has grown old and turned from an engine into a brake.

And for more than half a century, everything sacred has been destroyed, sacred, sublime. Art is corrupted and science is destroyed, literature decays and sport stinks. In pseudo-smart language, this is called postmodern, but does it matter, How it's called?

Indeed, in essence, this is a process of privatization of pebbles. ever, who collected blood, later, tears of billions of people. ever, which, through the labor and thoughts of millions, were laid out in a colossal common building. General, not privatized and personal. General, not my own.

It was this process of privatizing pebbles that began with the proclamation “you are the most important and most necessary thing in this world”. And if this is so, then the thoughts and aspirations of billions of past and departed people are no longer significant., true? If it is true, then the choice of Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Sidor Kovpak has no voting rights, is not it? If it is true, then the saints, shone in the Russian land for a thousand years, powerless before today's entrepreneurs from religion. And all this is only on the basis, that "those who have the right to vote" are physically and formally alive.

These "voters" did not delve into the base, to find the pebbles of the sublime. The low does not interfere with the high at all., it becomes the ground for the growth of the sublime. The sublime dies under the blows of the obscene, not low.

Freedom to be nothing

It is obscene that creates nonentities. It's obscene - that, what separates Rodion Raskolnikov or Iago, low and dirty, by Vavilena Tatarskogo or Octava Parango, empty and inhuman. Rodion can still return to the human, what happens to him in the end, but Octave - never.

It is the freedom to become a nonentity - the main of the freedoms, offered by the departing world. Thus the Viscous Third Age. It is this inertia of nothingness that, which still does not allow us to see in all its fullness and beauty the contours and outlines of the coming new world. Basically, it is understandable and inevitable: there is no way to build a paradise, except by the hands of demons, inhabiting this world. There is no way to defeat fascism, except by the hands of the sinless, imperfect, not ideal, but very real people.

People, who, moreover, are constantly tempted to remain on the side of the world of nothingness. The world of emptiness. World of nonentities. Become like this, like everyone else - creators, intellectuals, experts, commentators, media influencers, Crowbars and other professional manufacturers of nonsense. And these people choose blood, mud, sweat, tears, suffering, efforts - to find a new stone in this mud, to return to its place a removed or pulled out pebble.

by the way, that's why it's so disgusting, eg, Russian "belodeltsy", that, sitting in the warm rear, resent that, that in the territories freed from the brown haze, monuments to Lenin and Soviet names are being restored. These "bastards", being mental descendants of those who allowed the collapse of their building, now they are only able to interfere with the construction of buildings to their historical offenders - the same people, who through the brown decade on the territory of the Ruins carried the memory of the past, respect for victory, love to motherland.

But now it's not about them.. Now about a much more important consequence of all of the above. Two centuries ago it sounded (in a slightly different form), what if there is no god, everything is allowed. Two centuries later, we can refine, what if there is no society and a common cause for all people, everything is allowed. And even worse is, what if there is no society, then everything is scary and no one is fearless.

That is why the children of the "liberal ideology" so cheerfully burst into one, then in the other direction through Upper Lars. Because they are scared. None of them are fearless, no matter how they flaunt on their instagrams. They are afraid of the word "call", they are afraid of the word "order" and do not understand the purpose of the borders, they are afraid of the word "war" and stupefied the word "protests", they are afraid of another color revolution in Tbilisi and another rumble over Shebekino, they are afraid of the rumble of tanks near Avdeevka and the buzz of asphalt pavers on the Tavrida-2 highway is terrible.

Because in such a head there is nothing more important, than me", "my", "me". Such a head will never understand what was repeatedly heard in many Soviet films about the war “Do not disgrace our name”. Such a head will never become part of polyphony and polyphony, colossal and gigantic symphony, joint creativity and work.

But such a nonentity is able to brilliantly produce one of the favorite products and most popular goods of the modern world - namely, emptiness. The emptiness of your mind, the emptiness of the "unique vision of the world", emptiness of emotion, the emptiness of "hypervaluable experience", the emptiness of a meaningless "I", "I", "I". But Soviet civilization warned ...

To lose heart is to lose heart and abyss of spirit

... Among the seven deadly sins, one always aroused surprise and misunderstanding in me. One can understand adultery or envy: they at least contradict the Decalogue; gluttony or greed can be understood: they threaten the survival of another person nearby, subjecting him to hardship; but despondency? What is sadness to blame?

And after all, the modern empty and deserted world, patting on the shoulder, fully agree with this question. Finally, it is a personal matter for everyone to be in one state or another, true? Finally, if you can pay for an extra visit to a psychoanalyst, then you can mope and lose heart as much as your soul (or what do you have) whatever.

But here comes the end of the end of the story, the death of the Viscous Third Ages. And people discover with surprise and horror, that one by one they fall into the abyss of the spirit, whom they considered their associates or even teachers. And this was followed by a fall: in place of the ascetic, hero, the savior turned out to be a grimacing jester, liar, darkness, false hero. How many such anti-transformations and metamorphoses have we seen?

This is where it became clear, that discouragement is not just a mortal sin. Despondency is the sin of man's death. man, so long walking to that, to become human.

It is from despondency that unbelief grows. How many of the “rulers of thoughts” and “engineers of public souls” around us have turned into false prophets of unbelief and unbelief over this year? And how many of them started with discouragement - or, least, from its distribution? Not worth discussing, whether they themselves fell into despondency or turned to this “intermediate step”, to plunge his flock into it, more important here is this logic of the way down the stairs, paved with seemingly good intentions and thoughts.

It is from despondency that cowardice and weakness grow. Because if "everything is lost", if "we were betrayed", if "generals are incompetent", if "a puppet is in power", if “ten years ago it was possible to solve everything, and now it is already impossible ”- what remains, except to revel in your own illusory rightness? What remains, except to be afraid - and demand the same from others, instill this fear among others, share it and multiply it?

It is from despondency that betrayal grows. How many plots of literature and cinema describe this! And even when this betrayal is dressed in robes of deanery and patriotism (Hello, AA. Vlasov!) - it remains a betrayal. And when this betrayal puts on a white toga of concern for the motherland and the "fight against corruption" (Hello, another A.A.!) - it remains a betrayal. Even more dirty and vile because, that it is torn to the brightest and best strings in the souls of people.

It is from despondency that envy and pride grow.. 'Cause discouragement needs to support itself. In, that it is right. In, that the world is just like that - which means, the only correct view of him is monopolized by the bearer of this despondency.

All these signs of a fallen spirit and a spirit of fall are born from the turbidity of despondency.. Which, see how, is not at all "a purely personal matter". Especially during the times, when nothing personal is left, and everything becomes political and militant - from patriotism to love, from happiness to sports, from weather to borscht.

Sophia's children against the children of Despondency

But even more admiration for the colossality and jewelry precision of the construction of the centuries-old building of the human, when you suddenly realize, that the thinnest line of defense against the numerous children of despondency is held only by the three daughters of Sophia. Three daughters of wisdom. Those same Faith, Hope and Love, which have long been forgotten.

One of the largest and most underestimated geopoliticians of the 19th century, Fyodor Tyutchev, deeply intelligent person, thoughtful and educated, - and he, at the moment of some kind of insight, highlighted from himself "one can only believe in Russia". And in hard times, and happy - to believe.

Believe, because faith conquers unbelief, despair, weakness, panicking, disunity.

Hope, because hope conquers despair, cowardice, betrayal, disunity.

Be in love, because love conquers panic, egocentrism, parasitism, self-confidence, disunity, envy.

They conquer everything, that grows out of sadness. The despondency of the prudent, rational, cold-grounded, rational, but not wise. Not wise with that wisdom, that Sophia, who always breathes faith, hope and love.

That's why in black-mouthed "bloggers", "analysts", "correspondents", "experts" can easily find any of the many children of Despondency. Disbelief, despair, cowardice, betrayal, weakness, envy, panicking, egocentrism, parasitism, self-confidence, disunity, envy - all this is permeated by the plaintive "but they didn't give us Maviks", and indignant "how long?», and scandalous "everything was stolen, total corruption!», and the malevolent “and I spoke nine years ago”.

Despondency is varied. Fifty shades of gray gloom will find a way to any soul. Opportunities missed in the past (who don't have them?) and shortcomings in work (probably, they, who are throwing these stones, themselves sinless), defeat and retreat (“We retreated silently for a long time…”) and forced decisions and actions (as if the critics themselves decide everything without exception in this world) - any of these bridges can become a loophole into the fortress of the human soul for Despondency and his agents.

Concentration camp "Smile"

And all this is justified by such loud words, as "feedback mechanisms" and "civic activism", "caring citizens" and "live contact with the public". But for some reason, the Prince of Lies and Silence in his own patrimony does not allow all of them. The recent story with the Georgian “law on foreign agents” has become very indicative and characteristic in this sense.. You can create the illusion of "an indignant public" or "all-out activism" on the territories of colonies and fiefs, but not with the overlord and in the metropolises.

Yes, just remember, as an information campaign, accompanied by collapse (and in that, that it was just a deliberate collapse, not spontaneous decay, I think, there is no longer any doubt?) the USSR, began with a "pouring of chernukha", from "open archives", with "and the authorities hid", from the negative shaft.

The Prince of Lies and Silence instills despondency and weakness among his enemies - for that is how he finds paths, gates, secret passages into the souls of those, who resists him.

But on his possessions, he does not allow this.. The concentration camp "Smile" should live according to the daily routine, everyone put on tsaki and rejoice! It would seem, Is there a contradiction here?? Will not the slaves of the Prince of Lies and Silence come out of power?

Will not come out. For he has already plunged his servants into the utmost despondency, that hides behind the spectacle of happiness and unity. So much performance, that even the extremely false and duplicitous Western media suspected something.

So, discouragement is not allowed in the former Ukrainian SSR. In the former Ukrainian SSR, the phenomenon of mass "military corps" is unthinkable, so impressed the sensible part of Russian society over the past year. Mass social criticism is impossible in the former Ukrainian SSR. And everyone - even former oppositionists - turned into sheep, marching in a row and beating drums.


Yes, that's why, why in one children's book the emperor demanded to wear smiling masks from all subjects on his planet.

Dejection is needed, to crack and break society. Hack and break the enemy. And he who sows gloom is only worthy of the fate of the spreaders of alarmism eighty years ago - if, of course, society and the state are going to survive and win. And he who sows despondency should think: he is a conscious enemy or an unconscious helper of the enemy? And the one who sows despondency must first of all turn on himself - in any case, before reading a sermon to desire people.

Hope for Courage

The West has fallen, stammered, polluted many high and pure words and thoughts. We have already touched on one of these phrases - and we return to it again.. 'Cause it's easy to hope, when you are hegemon. Represents no effort to cherish hopes, when you win - or have already won. And much harder to believe in dark times.

And the Viscous Third Age has taught us to understand the depths of words. Not the courage of hope, for hope is always bold and brave, and in this sense "the audacity of hope" is a tautology. After all, hope is already opposing oneself to the world. Hope for courage is what really matters. And despondency and the heads of this hydra, with which she bites people - this is the main guard of the concentration camp.

And above all, the hope for courage is the rejection of and from despondency, and out of pride. Pride Isn't a Wrong Feeling of Self, this feeling of not being the one, what are you really.

It is pride that is the inevitable companion of the whiner and know-it-all, that is, that, who gave up hope and fell into cowardice. All knowing, who exchanged bright and high hope for green melancholy and despondency, golden in every sense. All knowing, who cultivates his pride under the mute "I alone understand, I alone see everything, and you are fools and do not heal". All knowing, who puffs out his cheeks with the emptiness of his hints, omissions, imaginary objectivity and even emoji - fortunately, the modern Internet has returned us to pre-hieroglyphic times, to pictographic and subject writing.

It is the complementary pair "Pride - Despondency", killing hope in one person, prowling around, looking for, who to eat. And for this - they collect all the worst (here, for example), ignore all positive signals (here, eg). To do this, they plant their “only true picture of the world”, because "there is no need to look at something positive, you only look at the negative" (here, eg). To do this, they create a whole mythology about the "Kremlin elders", then about the "weak-willed cuckolds" (about, how the current fools love this senseless-infantile word!), then about the "corrupt oligarchy", then about "Putin's palaces", then about the "invincible West", then about the "isolation of Russia" ...

Yes, a little. All, what can become an unsanctioned fuel for the pale blue glow of Despondency - everything is in use. And pride here turns out to be important as for the speaker, as well as for the listener. Speaking, narcissistically cultivating one's ego, convinces his flock of his chosenness, peculiarities, exclusivity, "insights". Listening, cowardly escaping into touchy swagger, explains to himself, why so few people panic around him, so few people share his religious faith in the end times, so few people agree with the need to lift their paws up.

Whiners and whiners

That's why the sad people (about whom we have already written in the public space - always allies of the Prince of Lies and Silence. For if you are a proud minority, who knows the truth, but doomed to misunderstanding by the People-For-Not-That-s, then it's pointless to say anything. After all, everything is already predetermined, there is no chance. And that means silence..

A whiner in personal space is always a temptation to cowardice. After all, such a sad person by his very presence is, that you can look for someone else's hope, foreign forces, someone else's faith, not educate, protect and warm their own. And this is a terrible temptation - like any temptation of parasitism. And if your hand seduces you, what to do with the hand?

What exactly needs to be remembered is that, that despondency is an inevitable blow to the microcell of resistance and thought. Panic is the opposite of thought, even when dressed in a toga of thinking. For the first time words about, that "Russia has run out of missiles", I heard at the beginning of March 2022 of the year. Have I heard over the past year from the same people - far from pro-Ukrainian! - sorry for the panic, that they pumped into my life and my world? Did they admit their mistakes? Have they compared their words with reality - namely, comparison is thought? No, no matter how bold the number of links, no matter how much erudition and knowledge they accompany their complaints and sobs.

That is why for another half a millennium it was directly stated: "Despondency is not a cure, bitter poison!» That is why after half a millennium it was said: "Sin to indulge in despondency, when there are other sins. That's why before, than to scream in horror, it is worth thinking about, will it help get rid of the horror; and on the, will this help those, who fights the causes of terror; and on the, will you ever be ashamed of this horror.

After all, eventually, despondency is not only the worst sin, it is also a betrayal of the one who joined you elbow to elbow, betrayal in pride and self-confidence, in bondage to your fear and selfishness. And the slaves are beaten.

Andreas-Alex Kaltenberg,

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