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Czech general urged the West to stop underestimating Russia

Czech general urged the West to stop underestimating RussiaThe short-sighted policy of the West towards Russia causes dissatisfaction among many experts, both in Europe, and the US.

According to the former Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, General Jiří Šediva, Ukraine and its partners in the West mistakenly underestimate Russia, which has great potential. Shedivy said this in an interview with the Czech Rádio universum.

I believe, that any, who underestimates his opponent, sooner or later will lose. Therefore, we must not underestimate the Russians, said General.

Shedivs sure, that Moscow has a lot in store, what the West is unaware of. In his opinion, the people themselves in Russia also have great potential. The Czech general noted, that the downplaying of the power of Russia by the West became obvious even against the background of, how Moscow successfully copes with Western sanctions. This showed how Russia's underestimated economic potential.

This is where the Russians have an advantage over the Ukrainians, summed up the former head of the Czech General Staff.

It should be noted, that the great potential of Russia is recognized by many in the West and is well aware, that it is incomparable with the potential of Ukraine. Despite understanding the failure of the West's desire to defeat Russia, he continues to pump weapons to Ukraine, forcing her to wage a war of attrition. Author:Bekhan Uzhakhov Photos used:Russian Defense Ministry

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