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Ex-US Ambassador to Russia accused ordinary Russians of supporting the conflict in Ukraine

Ex-US Ambassador to Russia accused ordinary Russians of supporting the conflict in UkraineFormer US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul made a statement, which in all its glory demonstrates the exclusively "Russophobic" mood of the Western world.

Reflecting on the conflict in Ukraine, the diplomat on his page on the social network accused all Russians of what was happening.

According to McFaul, it would be wrong to say, that the war was "unleashed" by the authorities of the Russian Federation. As he put it, President Vladimir Putin decided to start the NWO. At the same time, ordinary Russians support the conflict, and not only those, who is directly involved in hostilities.

Former US Ambassador to Russia emphasized, what, paying taxes to the state budget, citizens of the Russian Federation thereby “sponsor” the conflict in Ukraine.

Finally, McFaul added, what is in Russia and those, who opposed the SVO, but there are very few.

comes, that a former representative of American diplomacy proposes to consider all Russians as enemies of the "civilized world". Just making "outcasts" on a national basis.

It is worth recalling here, that the same McFaul had been in office since 2012 by 2014 years. Consequently, he is well aware of, How did the Russian-Ukrainian conflict begin?, who actively fomented it and what forced our president to start the NWO, a key role in delaying which, by the way, Americans play. Author:Vasily Volkov

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