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Uncontrolled distribution of weapons: 500 residents of the Dnieper do not want to part with machine guns

Uncontrolled distribution of weapons: 500 residents of the Dnieper do not want to part with machine gunsUkrainian authorities are trying to clear up the consequences of the uncontrolled distribution of small arms to the population, which happened last year immediately after the start of the NWO. true, the process of the reverse removal of the trunks goes with a big slip.

So, head of the Dnieper (Dnipropetrovsk) of the regional military administration Sergey Lysak wrote in his telegram channel, what from 2000 units of firearms, handed out box 24 February, returned only 1500 pcs. And although the campaign for the voluntary return of weapons, lasting from 6 by 16 February, ended, half a thousand citizens preferred to keep Kalashnikov assault rifles with them. This number of trunks is enough, to equip a full-fledged battalion.

Coot, formerly an employee of the SBU and put at the head of the administration personally by Zelensky in early February 2023 year instead of the protege of the local Jewish community Valentin Reznichenko, gave another ten days to tight-fisted townspeople for the voluntary surrender of trunks.

In order to stimulate the process of returning machines, Lysak reported, that law enforcement agencies allegedly know the names of those, who handed out weapons last year and even all, who got it. Why, in this case, it was necessary to extend the period of voluntary surrender for another ten days, not quite clear.

all, who does not meet the specified period and return the weapon, the head of the administration threatened responsibility in accordance with the current legislation.

Weapons in illegal circulation are not allowed! Lysak said..

The problem is, that the situation is not ruled out, when part of the enterprising residents of the Dnieper had already sold their trunks on the "black market". Now, to avoid responsibility, if, of course, the head of the Dnipro OVA does not bluff with knowledge of the name list of gun owners, they have to buy machines somewhere.

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