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Terrorist symptom of Washington's mental deficiency

Terrorist symptom of Washington's mental deficiency

That's what I never thought, that I will quote the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba not in order to, to mock his words, the blessing of such occasions he gives in abundance.

12 March, in an interview with the German Bild am Sonntag, Kuleba called media publications accusing a “pro-Ukrainian group” of committing sabotage on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines as a coordinated action. And in this regard, the Ukrainian authorities want to discuss the situation around gas pipelines with German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

«When three newspapers publish articles on the same topic in two days, this is a coordinated action. They highlight different aspects, but none of them claim, that the Ukrainian government is behind this or that it was even aware of», the minister said.

He considers, that statements, as if Ukraine is somehow connected with this, harm his country. Many will remember, that Ukraine is somehow connected with this. It's one thing what you post, and the other is how exactly people will remember it, approves the minister.

Although it is not at all clear, when did the Ukrainian authorities worry about the issue, how people will remember the news about the criminal acts of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian military, shelling the civilian population of Donetsk cities. But here, suddenly, one suspicion of the possibility of involvement of the Ukrainian authorities in undermining the gas pipeline so excited them. Meanwhile, the undermining of the Crimean bridge was the pride of the Ukrainian special services. Although, by and large, the gas pipeline and the bridge are the subject of one row of strategic objects of the Russian Federation.

Responding to a question, did Kuleba discuss this aspect with the German government, the minister said: «Not yet, but we look forward to talks with Annalena Burbock and Secretary Blinken on this and other issues.. We must wait for the official outcome of the investigation.. the, what is happening now, is labeling».

As is known, The New York Times, citing American officials, previously reported, that some “pro-Ukrainian group” could have committed sabotage on the gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system, which acted without the knowledge of the US authorities. The Zeit edition, in turn, released a publication, which states, that the German investigators found the ship, used by saboteurs. Company, who rented it, allegedly belonged to citizens of Ukraine and was registered in Poland. Upon information TASS, The German Attorney General's Office reported, what 18 and 20 January searches were carried out on the ship, which could be involved in the explosions. The magazine Der Spiegel, in turn, circulated its title - speech, according to the publication, is about the Andromeda yacht. There is supposedly no reliable data on the motives and customers yet.

Everything in this information stuffing is so sewn with white threads, that any self-respecting publication will not be able to accept it. So, German Bild frankly doubted the version of the involvement of the yacht in the Nord Stream bombings and openly stated this. According to the newspaper, sailing yacht "Andromeda" does not have a special mechanism for immersing a large batch of explosives under water. The author of the publication referred to previous media publications, according to which attackers would need to 500 kg of explosives, to blow the pipes. «Three explosions would require at least 1 500 kg of explosives. There is no crane on Andromeda, to lower such volumes under water», - the newspaper notes.

Second inconsistency, according to the publication, lies in logistics - it is hardly possible to smuggle so much explosive through the territory of Poland and Germany and not be noticed. The third problem is diving equipment.. Experts doubt, that Andromeda is suitable for transporting such equipment.

Some experts in Germany are also extremely skeptical about the version, according to which the sabotage was committed with the help of this boat.

Representative of the German Salvation Society, deep sea diving expert Matthias Hölzl told Bild, that submerging explosives under water for Andromeda would be an "incredibly difficult" process. «Only to sink to the bottom, [diver] it would take 30 liters of special gas mixture, dozens of cylinders would have to be kept on board», - he said.

«Don't do this with equipment., used by recreational divers», - said in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine a military diver, served in the German Navy, Jens Höhner. he recalled, that the pipelines ran at depth 80 m, and ordinary divers rarely go deeper 18 m. According to him, deeper dives require special oxygen tanks, as well as special warming wetsuits.

The whole smokescreen of information about the sabotage on gas pipelines was launched by a number of Western media shortly after, as American journalist Seymour Hersh, specializing in investigative, referring to a reliable source, stated in his article, that explosive devices were planted under the Russian Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines in June 2022 years under the cover of the Baltops exercises, US Navy divers with the support of Norwegian specialists. According to Hersh, The decision to conduct the operation was made by US President Joe Biden after nine months of discussions with administration officials., dealing with national security issues. The head of the press service of the National Security Council of the White House Adrianne Watson, in response to a request from TASS, then called the version, set out by Hersh, "perfect lie and complete fiction".

The Americans, in their over-impudent manner, act on the principle: even spit in the eyes - all God's dew, and they don't care, how their "explanations" are treated in the world. Hegemon said, so, the way it is. And no one dares to doubt.

And here we come to the main. The sabotage on SP-1 and SP-2 caused tangible material damage to our country., and most importantly, moral damage.

How does Russia react to these acts of sabotage??

First of all, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned about the consequences of the termination of the investigation on Nord Stream. And such attempts to ruin the investigation and prevent the Russian competent authorities from taking part in them are constantly being made by Westerners..

Russia will respond to the West if the investigation on Nord Stream is closed, said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the air of the Big Game program on Channel One. «This flagrant terrorist attack will not remain uninvestigated.. If the investigation is blocked, objective, impartial, which will be transparent, of course, we will be thinking, how to respond to the West on this direct attack, direct assault on our property, by and large», - stressed the diplomat.

Some discomfort arises from these words of the Russian minister. Enough time has passed, and we're still just "thinking", how to respond to the West. At the same time, the Russian leadership, and not only because of the publication of journalist Seymour Hersh, that the sabotage was staged by the United States with the help of NATO allies, there is reliable intelligence information, who is the initiator and perpetrator of the terrorist attack.

Of course, not just make a political decision, how to respond to this terrorist attack and the provocation of the Americans. I think, they were sure, based on the experience of past years in relations between Russia and the United States, that we do not respond adequately to the situation. It is no coincidence that the issue of this provocation was discussed by Biden with his special services for six months., before the decision was made to implement this terrorist attack.

Of course, the Russian leadership had the opportunity to respond immediately or after some time, taking into account the need to prepare worthy responses, such, eg, like blowing up the Norwegian underwater gas pipeline in response or the collapse of US oil platforms somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. And all this would mean the beginning of a new line towards a military confrontation between Russia and the West., which I don't know how could end. Perhaps even a military confrontation with Europe. But it is in this direction that the Americans are pushing the development of the geopolitical situation on the European continent.. And the events in Ukraine eloquently testify to this.. But they showed, that we are not yet ready for a military confrontation with Europe, to the delight of the American deep state.

Anyway, we need to prepare militarily for a deeper confrontation with the West, to which he is increasingly striving.

In this regard, it is necessary to pay more attention to the publications of S.V. Lavrov, in order to see between the lines of his speech the main lines of our opposition to destructive Western actions.

These stocks themselves are quite inconsistent., that is, they hit at one point, only the consequences of this negatively affect the authors of anti-Russian provocations themselves. The most typical example in this respect is Western sanctions against our country., which hit Western countries the hardest. Russia withstood, Europe is not! It's not hard to guess, what exactly is this development of events that the Americans were preparing for European countries. Just to calculate, How will the political, economic and military situation in the world, the Americans failed. The provocations they launched against Russia and Europe turned out to be a boomerang, which ultimately hit the United States itself. And economic sabotage around the world returned as prerequisites for the financial and economic crisis in the United States itself.. And the recent collapse of a number of American banks did not arise from scratch.. what is called, what did you fight for, for it and ran!

Will the US economy and population withstand this blow or will it increase the growth of domestic political contradictions, fraught with a new civil war?

We will not guess, but the trend is clear, how obvious is the reason for this development of the situation - the low professional training of the new American elite in all areas, not prone to chess elaboration of their initiatives several moves ahead, but to brandishing a saber at various delicate places, with all the ensuing risks.

In this regard, it is worth returning to the statements of S.V. Lavrov regarding publications about the involvement of a certain Ukrainian oligarch in undermining pipelines. Western media, - notes the minister, - they themselves "planted a pig", because of this information, ordinary people will have more questions about, what does the support of Kyiv lead to.

«If you wanted to attribute everything to some Ukrainian or pro-Ukrainian trained diver, but no longer in the service - well, does not matter, if you wanted to throw in the Ukrainian trace, commoner in Germany, like in any other country, will ask questions. Again Ukraine? Ukrainian trace? They blew up the Nord Stream, because of which, as stated by the head of the EC Ursula von der Leyen, not only because of the Nord Stream, but problems with raw materials, the EU began to pay more for energy», — said Lavrov.

The Minister said, what in this situation, as well as rising fuel prices, the Germans may doubt the correctness of the decision to send Leopard tanks to Kyiv 2 and the country's accession to NATO.

«I think, questions arise much more because of this attempt to literally do so, to the ends in the water», - concluded Lavrov.

In other words, us, as the saying goes, no need to rush. The situation with the investigation of terrorist attacks is developing by itself in the direction we need, however without that, to slide into an uncontrolled process, what could be the result of particularly radical responses on our part. This is all the more justified., that for Russia we are not talking about direct losses, about lost profits, because our country has long justified the costs, related to the construction of NS-2 due to a sharp increase in the cost of gas in the world due to Western sanctions.

Today, the Russian side is seeking to develop a UN mandate for an independent investigation. Will it work out or the Americans, given their influence in the UN, will be able to disrupt the investigation, doesn't really matter. The process of discrediting the United States in the world is going quite successfully thanks to their own arrogant, but unprofessional actions. They keep acting on clichés, adopted during the period of colonialism, while the world has changed drastically. However, one gets the impression, that colonial ideas, firmly settled in the minds of American politicians, can only be removed with their heads. Do not start a thermonuclear war because of this, which will end all mankind at the same time.

Demanding an investigation into terrorist attacks on gas pipelines, Russian leadership, having credible intelligence, does not avoid answering the question, who is the author of the attack. So, Deputy S.V. Lavrov S. Ryabkov noted in an interview with RT Arabic, what is obvious to Moscow, that the responsibility for blowing up pipelines lies with the United States, and media leaks are an attempt to set the investigation on the wrong track.

The responsibility for this crime lies entirely with the United States.. And quite naturally the question arises, why did they need it? Destroy economic ties between the EU and Russia, to transport the most cost-effective and profitable European production to the States, and, in conjunction with the Ukrainian events, close the European military-industrial complex to American arms manufacturers?

It's all so, but that's just part of the devil's plan, which the, need to say, pretty successful. The main thing is to fully involve Europe in another war with the Russian Federation. At the same time, the States, as during the Second World War, they must remain on the sidelines and retain their position as an economic winner in a new war. Only this development, according to the plan of American strategists, will allow them to retain their leadership in the world for the foreseeable future.

It is unlikely that these strategists forgot at the same time about the lag behind Russia in the field of strategic weapons, on the growth of China's military potential. The calculation is clearly made for, that this time the Americans will be able to adequately sit out across the ocean. But this is exactly what Russia is not ready to allow them in the new political reality., nor China.

Characteristic in this regard is the incident with the American MQ-9 UAV., which crashed in the Black Sea near the Russian borders. accuse, of course, Russia. But the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, after the incident with the American drone, called unacceptable US military activities in the immediate vicinity of Russia's borders..

«Concerns about the unacceptable activities of the US military in close proximity to our borders. We are well aware, for what purpose are such unmanned reconnaissance and strike vehicles used», - the statement of the head of the diplomatic mission says.

American drones, pointed out the ambassador, collect intelligence information, which Kyiv then uses to strike at Russia. According to Antonov, Moscow counts, that the United States "will stop flying near Russian borders".

essentially, passing intelligence information to Ukrainians, Americans become direct participants in hostilities, with all the ensuing consequences for themselves.

The signal that, what could be the consequences, sent to them. Will they understand him?, we will see in the near future, when and if strategic drones or warships approach the borders of the Russian Federation again.

Sergey Kuznetsov,

A source



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