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Ukrainian refugees in Germany are outraged by quarantine measures in a tent city due to chickenpox

Ukrainian refugees in Germany are outraged by quarantine measures in a tent city due to chickenpoxUkrainian refugees are again outraged by the "improper" attitude towards them from the Europeans. This time, the dissatisfaction of the citizens of our “western neighbor” was caused by quarantine measures in a tent camp at Berlin Tegel Airport after a child had chickenpox.

Refugee Lilia Bragar publishes details of what is happening on her social network.

According to a woman, the child got chickenpox a week ago. But as soon as he was diagnosed with this disease, then many tents were closed for quarantine.

Forbidden to go out. Nobody is allowed. And today, in general, everyone will be vaccinated at will- indignant woman.

As Bargar writes, Ukrainians are especially dissatisfied with the ban on leaving the tent camp. From her words, many refugees have children who don't eat that food, which they give. That's why parents go grocery shopping.. But now they don't know, where to get food for kids.

In the same time, refugee blogger added, that outraged citizens have already been visited by a representative of the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany.

It is worth noting, that in this case, the indignation of Ukrainian refugees looks at least strange. Quarantine and vaccination (and not forced) are a necessary measure, including for their own safety.

Even more ridiculous is the statement that, that the Germans provide them with food, which children refuse, so refugees have to go to the grocery store.

Hardly food in Germany is worse, than in Ukraine. Yes, and unlike the Ministry of Defense of our "western neighbor", German volunteer organizations will not distribute "stew", reporting on the issuance of tiramisu for dessert. Author:Vasily Volkov

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