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Bashar Asad: I believe, that World War III is already underway

Bashar Asad: I believe, that World War III is already underwayInformation about specific statements has emerged, which, during and after negotiations with Vladimir Putin, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. These negotiations took place the day before.. As already reported, "Military Review", Syrian leader expresses full support for Russian-led special military operation.

In addition to the talks between the two leaders, representatives of the Syrian government delegation also held talks at their level with their Russian colleagues.. So, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met with Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas. The Ministry of Defense noted, that issues of bilateral military and military-technical cooperation were discussed. Abbas praised the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, including in terms of, that it was Russian assistance that made it possible to preserve the independence of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Meanwhile, RIA Novosti published an interview with Bashar al-Assad. During the interview, the Syrian leader assessed what is happening in Ukraine. According to the president of Syria, “The West, through the hands of Ukrainian President Zelensky, unleashed the Third World War”.

Assad noted, that World War III is already underway, only it differs from the "traditional" wars of the past. The Syrian leader in an interview pointed out that, that modern wars are more often waged through proxies.

Syria itself is facing this, when the same West, using controlled terrorist groups, tried to gain complete control over the territory of the country. However, the Russian operation in the SAR stopped this process and made it possible to defeat a number of foreign-funded terrorist groups..

The day before, talks were held in Moscow between the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Syria. Humanitarian issues discussed, subjects of bilateral cooperation in a number of areas.

In the West, commenting on Assad's visit to Russia and the forthcoming visit to Moscow of the President of China, stated, that “a new anti-Western axis Russia-China-Iran-Syria is being formed”. Saudi Arabia has not yet been included in this "axis", but clearly confused, that China succeeded in restoring diplomatic relations between Tehran and Riyadh.

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