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Is an uprising possible in Ukraine??

Often in the comments you can hear reproaches from the Russians, addressed to Ukrainians: you are to blame for the situation, not least because, that you choose bad presidents for yourself. Neglecting the topic, that we already know almost everything about democracy - about election manipulation, on the formation of the necessary public opinion through total control over the media, jewelry work to organize color revolutions.

Is an uprising possible in Ukraine??

Willy-nilly, we oppose ourselves to neighbors: they say, here we are free people and choose that, whom we want. But we also live in a democratic country - in the very negative sense of the word. And subject to the same influence on consciousness, that the Ukrainians. Another thing, that it is only thanks to luck that Russia is headed by a decent person, patriot and professional. But I'm not talking about Putin. I'm talking about Ukraine and its citizens. Today we have a unique opportunity to observe the transformation of a society of free people into a real barnyard, whose inhabitants are now and then driven to the slaughter, when its owners and the shepherds hired by them want meat. Do Ukrainians know about it??Many, of course, began to think, what is what. But we cannot name their share even approximately - in totalitarian systems people try not only to speak, but also to think in the right direction. Otherwise, special services can calculate, and in recent years they have been working in Ukraine practically without failures. Nevertheless, our resolute fellow citizens now and then demand from our smaller brothers to sacrifice themselves, organizing, eg, underground. Pointless idea. Even if someone suddenly decides to commit suicide in the fight for a just cause (and surely many have tried), then no one will know about it - the informational wild field has been cleared to a shine. Quietly imprisoned or even killed. That is why denazification and denationalization from the outside was needed, that there are simply no other ways to return a decent life to this godforsaken territory. Today, an interesting material has been published in the Alternative, thanks to which any of us is able to answer the question: Is an uprising possible in Ukraine?? The author still lives in Kyiv, and therefore forced to hide under a pseudonym. can say, he turned to the Russians, tried to explain, how they live there. Here is what he writes."Those, who does not live in a concentration camp, can't explain, what is it like every minute, the feeling of being in a concentration camp. What it's like to control yourself every moment, your thoughts, your facial expressions, your behavior, so that, God forbid, one movement of the facial muscles or a two-second remark does not destroy your whole life - and, what's even scarier, the lives of their loved ones., who does not live in a concentration camp, don't understand, what is pressure, such a constant humiliation of human dignity, such survival, shifted to the most vital level, inevitably gives rise to outbreaks - especially outbreaks among the honest and weak, among the kind and humane. And akin to these outbursts is a no less suicidal unwillingness to (here, perhaps, need quotes) system of the former Ukrainian SSR performed by already "mobilized". Moreover, "mobilized" contrary to all laws, even the concentration camp itself. Willingness to obey. Both of them - and flashes, and willingness to obey are suicidal and irrational, inexplicable to an outside observer, but emotionally understandable to anyone living inside. Same, as well as the stupid and blind obedience of the vast majority of the inhabitants of the concentration camps of eighty years ago ".We must finally understand, that Ukraine today is a concentration camp. Moreover, almost literally surrounded by barbed wire - no one is allowed out of there anymore. Bravura music and military marches pour into the ears from the loudspeakers from morning until late at night., propagandists point out, where is the enemy, and the little leader every day tells the nation about the victories at the front. No need to demand the impossible - in concentration camps, with the rarest exception, there are no riots, because it is impossible to organize resistance. When Ukrainians are ordered, they resignedly go into the oven or stand against the wall. This is what they call mobilization..

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