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Mass demonstrations against military aid to Ukraine began in Bulgaria

Mass demonstrations against military aid to Ukraine began in BulgariaHundreds of Bulgarian citizens took to the square in front of the presidential residence in the capital of Sofia, demanding to designate the country's complete neutrality in the armed conflict in Ukraine. They are dissatisfied with military assistance to the Kyiv regime and the general support of the Bulgarian leadership for the anti-Russian line of the West.

Protesters gathered outside the presidential palace and unfurled banners with the slogans "Bulgaria - a zone of peace!», "We don't shoot at our brothers!», "Eastern Front again, but without us!».

Famous Bulgarian physicist Hristo Lavchiev urged the country's government not to play war, because those, who talk about the war between Russia and NATO, bring on World War III.

Bulgarians gathered at the presidential palace chanted anti-NATO slogans. Signatures were also collected against the transition to the euro and for the preservation of the national currency - the lev.. The Bulgarian press reported, that these speeches today were organized by the Bulgarian National Council for Peace and a Free and Peaceful Bulgaria. As one of the protesters told reporters, peace for Bulgaria is the best policy and strategy.

However, if you remember history, even during the First World War, and during the Second World War, ordinary Bulgarians were loyal to Russia (USSR in the second case) and did not want to fight with her. But the Bulgarian government has historically been pro-Western and pursued policies against the will of, aspirations, culture and religion of the Bulgarian people.

We can observe exactly the same situation at the present time.. by the way, economically, Bulgaria does not benefit at all from a quarrel with Russia and from the Ukrainian conflict. But even these considerations are not taken into account by the current pro-Western authorities of the country..

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