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Switzerland did not support the idea of ​​transferring Leopard 2 tanks to Germany

In Switzerland, they did not support the idea of ​​transferring tanks to Germany «Leopards-2»In their pursuit of satisfying their own desires in the supply of all kinds of weapons to Kyiv, European countries, depleted their own reserves, ready to buy weapons from other countries and their neighbors.

So, German authorities intend to buy Leopard-2 tanks from Switzerland, which they themselves once sold. However, Switzerland, known for many years for its neutral status, does not want to violate it., as this will greatly undermine the image of the country that has been developing for decades.

According to the German news channel N-TV, Swiss President Alain Berset, once again confirmed the neutrality of the country and noted, that against the backdrop of the Ukrainian conflict, no exceptions should be made.

According to him, Switzerland as a neutral country will not supply weapons to Ukraine.

They do not want in Bern to satisfy the request of Berlin for the sale of Leopard tanks to Germany, as they think, that they will be sent to Ukraine.

The German authorities assure Bern, that they are not going to supply Swiss tanks to Kyiv, they want to fill in the gaps, arising from supplies to Ukraine, notes N-TV.

According to N-TV, in service and in the reserve of Switzerland is more than 200 tanks "Leopard-2". Now the issue of selling tanks to Germany is being discussed in the Swiss Parliament. Author:Bekhan Uzhakhov Photos used:Wikipedia/7th Army Training Command from Grafenwoehr, Germany

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