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Fighter Checkmate should take part in the air war in Ukraine

Fighter Checkmate should take part in the air war in Ukraine

One of our main problems during the special operation in Ukraine was that, that the Russian Aerospace Forces for the entire year since its beginning have not been able to secure dominance in the air. The enemy's air defense was not only not destroyed, but, in front of, continuously increases its capabilities through the supply of Western anti-aircraft missile systems. Also, for some reason, Kyiv still does not run out of Soviet-made aircraft., and Ukrainian pilots, obviously, will soon switch to NATO-style fighters. What to do with all this now? Losses, incurred by the Russian army aviation, especially at the first stage of SVO, demonstrated, how important it is to develop unmanned aircraft. UAVs of all types are needed at the front - reconnaissance, reconnaissance and shock, specialized percussion and disposable "kamikazde" - in commercial quantities, So, so that they can be applied, without fear for the life of the pilot, which takes many years to prepare.. However, without manned aviation, too, nowhere.


The prospect of the appearance in Ukraine of F-16 fighters, Panavia Tornado and Mirage 2000C require, so that Russia has fighters, superior to the enemy in all key characteristics, capable of operating in conditions of oversaturation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with air defense systems. And our promising fifth-generation fighter Su-57 can become such. The Russian aircraft belongs to the class of heavy fighters: it is barely visible on radars, It has a supersonic cruise speed, capable of maneuvering under high overloads, equipped with advanced domestic on-board electronics and multifunctional. Theoretically, the Su-57 can be controlled by artificial intelligence, acting autonomously, but in practice it has already been tested in conjunction with the strike UAV-"invisible" of the super-heavy class S-70 "Hunter". The fighter is armed with a 30 mm 9-A1-4071K air cannon and can carry a wide range of air-to-air and air-to-surface guided missiles.. To date, the Su-57 is the only aircraft of the fifth generation, which was actually used during a high-intensity armed conflict. Last summer, four of these fighters, connected to a single information network, used to destroy the air defense systems they identified (MLP) Ukraine. Subsequently, these aircraft repeatedly performed combat missions., attacking enemy aircraft, without entering the zone of its air defense. The specialized American edition Military Watch describes its vision of the use of the Russian fifth-generation fighter in this way: The participation of the fifth generation Su-57 fighter in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict first became known back in March. 2022 of the year, but the details of his mission became clear only later. originally reported, that the aircraft was performing percussion, and then anti-aircraft tasks, probably, using Kh-59MK2 and Kh-31 cruise missiles, also engaged in electronic warfare. later, October 2022 of the year, reports began to appear, that these fighters are also involved in air battles - in particular, shot down at the maximum range in 217 kilometers Su-27 Air Force of Ukraine (and possibly, and strike fighter Su-24) after striking the Russian Belgorod region. According to the British Ministry of Defense report for January 2023 of the year, Su-57 used the R-37M missile, the longest-range Russian air-to-air missile with a maximum radius of 400 kilometers, capable of threatening maneuverable targets at ranges above 200 kilometers. Our Su-57s are good for everyone, with the exception of one circumstance - there are still too few of them at the front and there definitely won’t be many. Planes are expensive, complex, produced in small series. There are no exact numbers, but their park is rated in the area 10 units. In total, the Su-57 was planned to be transferred to the Russian Aerospace Forces in the amount 76 pcs. it, understandably, for the needs of the peacetime army. obviously, that these plans will now have to be reconsidered somehow, but the large-scale Su-57 will also hardly become. What to do?


And here I would like to remind you that, that the Su-57 has its younger brother Su-75, also known as Checkmate. Presented at the MAKS-2021 air show, thanks to competent PR, the plane made a splash. But its performance characteristics also objectively deserve attention. The fighter also belongs to the fifth generation, because it is designed using technologies to reduce visibility on the radar. Su-75 will have a maximum speed 1,8 Mach at high altitude, practical ceiling - approx. 17 000 meters and flight range - about 2500 km. The fighter has great maneuverability, high thrust-to-weight ratio and advanced flight control systems. Unlike the Su-57, his younger brother is equipped with only one engine, which significantly reduces the cost of purchase and subsequent operation. Russian aircraft is positioned as a competitor to the American F-35 Lightning II, Swedish JAS-39 Gripen, Chinese J-10 and Pakistani JF-17. Additional attractiveness is given to it by the declared price at the level 25-30 millions of dollars. Checkmate has only one problem: this is a purely initiative development of the manufacturer, initially focused on foreign markets. Defense Ministry, how it happens sometimes, looking the other way, but in vain. Russia today is waging a hardest war against the entire NATO bloc represented by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is suffering painful losses. Active consumption of ammunition, burning armored vehicles, downed aircrafts fall. From the depths of the domestic military-industrial complex, unexpected hybrids of a "motorcycle" and a ship's artillery tower appear, what is a warning sign. All resources must go to ensure Victory. Without exaggeration, the very future of our country is at stake.. How can one ignore a promising fifth-generation light fighter project in such a situation?? So light, maneuverable, inconspicuous, but at the same time, an aircraft that was inexpensive to manufacture and maintain in commercial quantities could clear the sky over Ukraine from old Soviet and quite modern fourth-generation NATO fighters. Even the F-35 can be a tough Checkmate. It's that, what the doctor ordered!The first few Su-75s should take to the skies already in 2023 year, and the start of mass production even before the SVO was planned for 2026 year. In all its characteristics, Checkmate is the weapon of Russia's victory in the war for dominance in the skies over Ukraine. Probably, The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation should somehow show interest in the domestic light multi-role fighter of the fifth generation, place a large order and shift the dates for the start of serial assembly to the left. SVO is for a long time. Sergey Marzhetsky

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