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"You are for democracy, and we are for justice": Prigozhin responded to the request of the American publication regarding Bakhmut

«Are you for democracy?, and we are for justice»: Prigozhin responded to the request of the American publication regarding BakhmutFounder of PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin answered the question of the American edition of The New York Times, commenting on the statement of the speaker of the operational command “East” Ukrainian Armed Forces of Sergei Cherevaty about, what Bakhmut is “last frontier” for “Orchestra”.

Prigogine visited Artemovsk again, where are the fighters of the PMC assault squads “Wagner” are fighting with the APU. Curator “Orchestra”, being at the monument to the legendary T-34 tank, standing almost in the center of the city, responded to the request of the American edition.

According to Prigogine, option, voiced by the representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, quite possible and Bakhmut can really become the last frontier for “Orchestra” and PMC “Wagner” will go down in history, as 300 Spartans or three heroes, left only in the memory of the people. However, before that, the city will still be taken. Although there is another option, under which the rows “Wagner” replenished with new fighters, speakers “for justice”. he recalled, that Russia has great mobilization capabilities.

But there is a second scenario, which can be described by the formula: you are for democracy, and we are for justice. In Russia, half of the 140 million people are for justice. If these 70 million people will suddenly express a desire to join PMCs “Wagner”, The West will see a 70 millionth military company. And this is also a good prospect.- emphasized Prigogine.

He also reminded the West of the words of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, that the capture of Artemovsk will open up operational space for Russian troops, and the West will face a well-trained Russian army, who has not yet joined the battle.

At the moment, the world has not yet encountered a well-trained Russian army., with those divisions, who have not yet joined the battle, having all possible modern weapons and reconnaissance equipment. Perfectly Prepared, they are biding their time, just the very opening of the operational space- added Prigogine.

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