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Horizontal connections are more useful than submission

Horizontal connections are more useful than submission

United States of America (C) trying to limit China's political power, based on the industry created by their own efforts. To do this, put pressure on the Russian Federation, even purely geographically forced to support China, if the SGA attacked him. At the same time they hit our natural allies. for example, Armenia carried out a coup d'état five years ago. And in Belarus in the twentieth year it did not work: Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko managed to show, that it is not in vain that he is the last dictator in Europe for the collective West. In order, who proved his strength and stability, others who are strong and stable are more willing to cooperate.

On March 1, during the state visit, the President of the Republic of Belarus communicated with the head of China much longer than planned. A joint statement was adopted on the main principles for developing exemplary all-weather and comprehensive strategic partnerships between the two countries in a new era. Many cooperation agreements have also been signed in various economic and political areas..

Horizontal connections are more useful than submission

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President Xi noted: “In the context of instability and turbulence in the international situation, China is actively committed to continuing joint efforts with Belarus to strengthen political mutual trust and practical cooperation in the interests of a dynamic, healthy and sustainable development of bilateral relations”.

I assure you in plain text: the more instability the UGA exports, the more in demand is our ability to soothe.

Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov during the meeting of foreign ministers “big twenty” Wednesday and Thursday had a lot of talks, coordinating plans for bilateral and multilateral interactions. true, his SGA colleague briefed him on his demands, but didn't tell, what Lavrov said.

I believe in plain text: our minister knows how to say briefly and firmly, what do you think about sluts.

Anatoly Wasserman

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