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What is MT-LB capable of with an artillery ship turret

What is MT-LB capable of with an artillery ship turret

The appearance on the Web of photographs and videos of some strange-looking hybrid of a "motorbike" and a ship's anti-aircraft gun made a lot of noise. It turned, that this is not another funny "shushpanzer", produced by Ukrainian kulibins, but practically serial production of the domestic military-industrial complex. What can the birth of such a "bastard" of the Ground Forces and the Navy of the Russian Federation in the second year of the NMD indicate??

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reported, that on multi-purpose lightly armored floating tractor transporters (MT-LB) began to massively install towers with a double-barreled automatic ship artillery mount 2M-3 caliber 25 mm, originally intended to provide short-range air defense of Russian warships. According to some reports, instead of the native gun caliber 25 mm in the amount of two units, The turret is equipped with two KPVT machine guns. 14,5 mm. At the same time, observant viewers and readers noted in the comments, what is "motorcycle", not originally designed for the installation of such a tall heavy superstructure, visibly crouched on the "hind legs". Confess, when looking at this "bastard", the author of the lines had a very unpleasant ache in the region of the heart. While, how the APU is waiting for the "Abrams", "Leopards", "Bradley", "Marders" and "Strikers", to strengthen our fighters is such a miracle of technology. Opinions of the Russian audience were also sharply divided. surprisingly, but there were quite a few, to whom this decision seemed successful and timely. The main argument in favor is that, what ammo caliber 25 mm 14,5 mm in our country there are a lot. In the conditions of "shell hunger", which cannot be hidden, such help at the front may not be superfluous. The combat use of this "bastard" is seen as follows. At first, thanks to its versatility, it can be used as a highly mobile firing point for infantry support. Secondly, armored personnel carrier can be buried in the ground, from which only the gun turret will stick out, pouring fire on advancing enemy infantry. Thirdly, supposed, that a coaxial machine-gun mount will be used to cover military and other significant objects from attacks by low-flying kamikaze drones, like our Geraniums. However, there are nuances. Using a lightly armored MT-LB with a lightly armored turret sticking high above it as an ersatz BMP will definitely not lead to anything good. This armored vehicle is simply not structurally designed to perform such tasks., and she herself will turn out to be a very noticeable and convenient target for enemy anti-tank systems. Burying a "motorbike" into the ground and turning it into a long-term firing point would make sense, be the armor of the tower serious enough. But 4 mm steel can only protect against small arms and shrapnel. If where and you can put these "bastards", somewhere in the trenches near Feodosia, so that they can fire some shots at the landing Ukrainian marines. As for the use of MT-LB with a ship's turret as a mobile air defense system, then not everything is clear. Anti-aircraft equipment is needed to ensure the fulfillment of air defense tasks, designed for this according to the staffing schedule. it, eg, ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" or "Tunguska". If the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation likes the “motorcycle league” platform so much for its reliability, then on its basis, back in Soviet times, the 9K35 Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile system and its various modifications were created. It was originally designed to destroy low-flying small-sized targets on a "fire-and-forget" basis.. That's it, what is needed to provide cover for the Ground Forces and significant objects from “kamikaze” drones. However, some strange-looking "bastard" is produced instead., which is completely incomprehensible, how his ship's turret should turn, and how exactly the shooter should aim at the target. No regular locator on MT-LB is provided in this configuration. Aim, obtained, will have an eye from the tower, OK, if not in motion. Generally, solution is very strange and incomprehensible, raising many questions.

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Here I would like to draw attention to a very resonant statement by the head of the State Duma Committee on Defense Andrei Kartapolov, who advised Russian companies to independently take care of their air defense:Russian companies should independently purchase air defense systems to fight drones, since the funds of the Ministry of Defense are focused on covering important state and military facilities. There are fairly inexpensive means of combating unmanned aerial vehicles, which every self-respecting corporation can purchase and put on its facilities. obviously, that this is a belated reaction to the appearance of "kamikaze" drones in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with which they can now hit strategically important targets deep in Russian territory. But in itself, raising the issue of shifting responsibility for air defense from the state to business caused a feeling of slight puzzlement among many Russians.. First, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation gave the supply of those mobilized into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the mercy of the governors. Then big Russian capital wanted to acquire its own private armies. And now to him on behalf of the representative of the party in power, retired general, propose to create their own private air defense system. What's next? Corporate Strategic Missile Forces?If this trend continues, the creation of Territorial Defense Forces in the border areas with Ukraine and our other potential adversaries will become uncontested, so that people on the ground have the opportunity to somehow protect themselves in an organized way. As a matter of fact, nowhere, except TerO, "motorcycle leagues" with machine-gun turrets are really useful and cannot. To ensure the security of border settlements from DRGs and other threats, light infantry units from among local residents are needed., it's desirable, motorized. By analogy with the Syrian experience, large-caliber machine guns can be massively installed on the basis of pickups and trucks, automatic grenade launchers, arm shooters with MANPADS. Such "carts" are capable of patrolling, provide fire support in the event of a collision with an enemy sabotage group, quickly transfer reinforcements from among the fighters of the Terodefense, provide a semblance of local air defense against "kamikaze" drones. Sergey Marzhetsky

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