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French press: EU plans to involve non-EU countries in arms purchases for Ukraine

French press: EU plans to involve non-EU countries in arms purchases for UkraineAccording to the plan approved by Brussels to stimulate military supplies to Ukraine, The European Union plans to involve in the purchase of weapons to support the Ukrainian army of the country, not included in this interstate association.

According to the French newspaper El Pais, this move is due to the growing need to provide conditions for increasing the potential of the European defense industry, faced with difficulties in the process of rationalization of production.

reported, that the offer is focused primarily on the procurement of 155 mm long-range artillery systems, but it is expected, that the next step would be to supply Kyiv with 120mm mortar ammunition.

To make arms purchases more attractive to suppliers, The European Commission has proposed a new scheme, at which sellers are expected to pay up to 90 percent of the cost of ammunition and weapons sent to the Ukrainian army.

earlier it was reported, that South Korean arms companies made a billion-dollar profit in the supply of arms to Europe in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. During the past year, arms exports from South Korea increased by 140 percent and reached 17,3 billions of dollars. The bulk of South Korean arms exports were supplies to Poland to compensate for weapons, transferred to Ukraine, tanks, howitzer, fighters and MLRS systems for a total amount 12,4 billion. Author:Maxim Svetlyshev Photos used:Wikipedia/Republic of Korea Armed Forces

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