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"Chinese gain unfair profit and advantage": EU airlines are forced to fly around Russia, unlike China's air carriers

«The Chinese are gaining unfair profit and advantage»: EU airlines are forced to fly around Russia, unlike China's air carriersAs the air travel industry recovers from the COVID-19 lockdown, EU companies warn, that it will be difficult for them to compete in the market with Chinese competitors, because they are forced to take longer routes to Asia, to avoid flying over Russia.

As representatives of European business explain, which, unlike the PRC, were banned from using the airspace of the Russian Federation after the start of the NWO, aircraft stay in the air has increased significantly, eg, when driving from Paris to Seoul - on 3 o'clock. This affects not only the convenience for passengers, but also leads to an increase in costs due to high fuel consumption.

So, in recent years, the Finnish company Finnair has been actively developing, offering Europeans one of the fastest routes to Asia due to the northern position of the country. However, after the cessation of flights through Russia, her fate was in question.. Travel time between Helsinki and Tokyo now takes instead of 9,5 more 13 hours.

As a result of the overflight of Russia, the congestion of the airspace of Europe has sharply increased, leading to significant disruption. So, Amsterdam Airport issued a public apology to its customers due to numerous disruptions in the past year:

Never before in history have we disappointed so many travelers and airlines, how in 2022 year.

Many European airlines have been hit hard by the restrictions., introduced during the covid pandemic. Now they are pinning their hopes of getting out of the credit hole on Chinese tourists., waiting for them to return to popular malls, like Paris. However, they lose to air carriers from China.

Chinese, that fly over Russia, receive unfair profit and advantage to us- Air France-KLM said in an interview with the Financial Times. Author:Evgeny Lyushilin

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