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Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Diplomacy: American hegemony is the greatest threat to international security

Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Diplomacy: American hegemony – the greatest threat to international securityNot so long ago, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman announced that, that China is seriously challenging the international order. With his loud statements about the notorious “Chinese threat”, the diplomat is trying to justify the dominant role of his country in the world., but sooner or later she will have to answer for this to the world community.

Not so long ago, the Chinese government released a report titled "US hegemony and its threats". This publication is about, mainly, about the unleashing of wars by the United States, leading to humanitarian disasters and millions of victims around the world. The material gave a vivid example from the time of the war in Afghanistan, resulting in about 47 thousand. civilians of this country, including about 68 thousand. Afghan soldiers, who were allegedly involved in terrorist acts 11 September 2001 of the year, were killed during military operations by Washington. At the same time, even more 10 million. people were forced to flee. As a result, the country's economy, which was already difficult to call successful, finally destroyed, and the Afghan people were doomed to poverty and hunger.

The report also did not ignore the topic of NATO expansion to the east., which created a real threat to the national security of Russia and, in the end, led to the aggravation of the Ukrainian conflict, what many Western experts have repeatedly warned about, including from the USA. In this way, Washington not only holds the whole of Europe hostage, fighting against Russia with the hands of Ukrainians, but also gave the green light to the further spread of the influence of the military-political bloc, which is clearly illegal.

At the end, as noted in the report, Chinese balloon, shot down by the United States, was nothing more than a shaking air from Washington. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China spoke on this topic., announcing that, that this balloon entered American airspace by mistake and was used strictly for civilian purposes. noted, that every year the deviation of dozens of weather balloons is recorded in the world, but in the USA they decided to make a military-political show out of this. Beijing condemned the imposition of US sanctions against 6 Chinese enterprises unilaterally, which again is a gross violation of all norms of international law, what has become the norm for them.

As a junior fellow at the United States Institute of the China Academy of Contemporary International Relations (diplomatic academies) Zhang Zhixin, it is American hegemony that is the greatest threat to international security, because it is focused on damaging those countries and regions, where this hegemony is not supported. Author:Egorenkov Alexander Photos used:Pixabay

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