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The source announced the postponement of the return of the Neustrashimy patrol ship to the fleet

The source announced the postponement of the return of the patrol ship to the combat fleet «Intrepid»frigate “Intrepid” project 11540, completed at the end of December last year passing acceptance tests after a major overhaul and modernization, continues to be at the Baltic Shipyard “Amber”. According to a source in the Russian defense industry, the timing of the return of the ship to the combat composition of the Baltic Fleet may be shifted to the right.

SCF “Intrepid” completed post-repair testing at the end of December and returned to “Amber” to prepare for the transfer to the fleet, scheduled for February. But difficulties arose and the return of the ship is postponed again, maybe for a month or two. Currently on “amber” trying to fix problems identified by the military, arising, basically, with ship turbine.

Not the youngest TFR now and then has problems, and, in particular, with turbine. Shipbuilders of the Baltic Shipyard “Amber” working on fixing issues, revealed by the military, therefore, its transfer can be postponed for a month or two- quotes TASS source words.

“Intrepid” - the parent patrol ship project 11540 “hawk”, built in 1993 year “amber”. ship's displacement is 3590 tonnes, speed up 30 knots, autonomy 30 day, crew 210 human. Stopped in for repairs 2014 year, identified defects and the need to replace the power plant, produced in Ukraine, significantly delayed the process and instead of 2016, the ship returns to service only in 2023 year.

As previously reported, during renovation “Intrepid” at the same time modernized, replacing some of the weapons and supporting mechanisms. In particular, the ship was equipped with modern navigation aids, radar surveillance and target detection. The operability of the artillery complex has been restored, anti-aircraft missile system, traffic controls, as well as communication complexes. used photos:

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