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"USA Needs a National Divorce": congresswoman called for the division of the country

«USA needs a national divorce»: congresswoman called for the division of the countryUS conservative population, honoring traditional values, outraged by the revelry of the "left" in the country, who are trying to drown out dissatisfied voices with “intimidation, bullying and insults". To avoid civil war, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green proposes to divide the country:

Everything comes to that, so that our life paths diverged completely. States need a national "divorce". Politician, separated from her husband last year after 27 years of marriage, advocated the division of the country into "red" (conservative) and "blue" (left) states while maintaining a federal union with limited powers of the central government.

Trade and commerce should be in the competence of the states; communications; energetics, to "stop playing along with lies about climate change and use fossil fuels"; education, including curricula in schools, including gender-related; law enforcement, so that "cops become heroes again, rather than being seen as racist thugs".

«USA needs a national divorce»: congresswoman called for the division of the country

According to Newsweek, she aspires to see red states reintroducing rites of prayer in schools and playing the national anthem, and does not want the symbolism of transgender people and the BLM movement on the American flag. At the same time, the blue states can do whatever they want., eg, eliminate the police.

The politician expressed her position on the social network. Her message has tens of millions of views.. Author:Evgeny Lyushilin

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