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Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia in Kyiv: the armed conflict in Ukraine is already affecting the whole world

Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia in Kyiv: the armed conflict in Ukraine is already affecting the whole worldHead of the Saudi Foreign Ministry Faisal al Saud arrived in the Ukrainian capital today on a working visit at the head of a delegation. The main topic of negotiations with the Ukrainian colleague and President Zelensky was the topic of a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.

The head of the Saudi Foreign Ministry bluntly stated that, that the ongoing armed conflict affects not only its direct participants, including Ukraine, but also to other countries.

Prince Faisal Al Saud:

This conflict is already affecting the whole world. According to the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom intends to do "everything possible to, to remove or at least reduce the severity of hostilities ".

Faisal al Saud to Zelensky:

Riyadh reminds, that any war ends with a negotiation process. Of course, these negotiations must proceed on the basis of respect for the norms of international law. And the sooner the parties to the conflict sit down at the negotiating table, the better for everyone. The Saudi minister said, that in Riyadh they are familiar with the peace plans from different countries to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, including with the "peace initiative of President Zelensky".

Saudi Foreign Minister:

We hope, that these plans will eventually become the basis for a peaceful settlement. We are ready to work with our Ukrainian colleagues on this issue. Political experts regard this visit as one of the decisive steps towards, to push the Kiev regime to understand the complexity of the situation. Riyadh makes it clear to Zelensky, that Saudi Arabia is by no means beneficial, so that the direct confrontation between Russia and the West in Ukraine drags on for years. Based on this, the Saudi kingdom is clearly in the mood, for Zelensky to convey to those, who is behind him, it's time for a dialogue. AND, as it appears, Riyadh is going to propose (or already suggested) certain intermediary functions.

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